To The Abandoned Sacred Beast: Finally a Season 2?

To The Abandoned Sacred Beast is a dark fantasy action show adapted from a manga by the same name. It debuted in July 2019 and ended the same year in September. The debut season was extremely short, consisting of 12 episodes, and received mixed reviews. While the show did have interesting action scenes, the bland characters held it back from becoming something great. It was only towards the last few episodes that things start to get exciting, which is why many fans await season 2.

So when does To The Abandoned Sacred Beast Season 2 premiere?

After almost three years since its release, fans are yet to hear about the release of season 2. Many have stopped expecting for the show to be renewed. The renewal lies on the surface due to the show getting mixed reviews and only a 6.4 rating on MAL. There is enough source material for the studio to continue producing the show. However, it depends on whether it will make revenue or not.

The show’s fans seem to be demanding a renewal as the show did get quite interesting towards the end. They are hoping to have a bit more character development which will help the show improve immensely. There is a long way to go for the manga, even to the extent that there can be a season 3, but it depends on the viewers and how many people may continue watching the show. So, for now, no updates have been given on the show’s renewal. We will have to wait and see.

What is the anime about?

The first season of the anime has only covered till chapter 12 of the 6th volume. There is a lot more to be developed and adapted.

After 100 years of peace and being a democratic nation, a conflict sparked in the continent of Patria over the discovery of a new energy source called Somnium. This split the continent into the Northern industrial parts and the Southern mining parts. The south dominated with numbers; however, the north had a secret weapon – the Incarnates. These soldiers could change themselves into giant mythical beasts, which gave them a great advantage.

Season 1
Season 1

Eventually, the war came to an end, and Patria was blessed with peace after a negotiation between the two sides. The Incarnates were supposed to be destroyed in the process. However, Cain, an officer, betrays this and escapes with other incarnates who have survived. Two years later, an Incarnate named Hank works with a young woman to hunt down the rest of the living Incarnates.

Where can you watch Season 1?

To The Abandoned Sacred Beast is available with the original Japanese audio and English subtitles on Crunchyroll. However, you may need a premium subscription to access all the content at once.
You can check out the anime yourself and see whether season 2 will be worth it. You can even read the manga to find out more!

Watch the trailer for season 1 here: