The World Ends with You The Animation Episode 6: Release and Watch Online

The World Ends with You The Animation episode 6 will be out sooner than later. The latest release, ‘The World Ends with You The Animation’, has got a lot of air about it. Now, as the show progresses, fans want more of this action anime. So what do we know about the show’s latest release? Read on to find out.

The World Ends with You The Animation Episode 6 Release Date

Episode 6 will be out on 15 May 2021. In Japan, the new episode will air at 6:24 PM JST. Every week, new episodes for the anime come out just like all shows out there. Saturday, every week Shin-Ei animation and Domerica drop new episodes for the show. Episode 5 came out on 8 May, and episode 6 will be out after a week.

So, Where Can We Watch The World Ends with You The Animation?

Neku Sakuraba and Shiki Misaki from the show (Image: Indiewire)

The show premiered on 10 April through Funimation, so the anime is available on its website. Additionally, Netflix has also got the rights to stream the show for increased viewability. Hulu, the famous anime streaming service, also features the show. While for viewers in Europe, Wakanim runs it. The World Ends with You The Animation is also available on Animelab.

The World Ends with You The Animation Synopsis

The anime begins with 15-year-old Neku Sakuraba, whose hobby is music and graffiti. One day, he wakes up in the Shibuya District of Tokyo with no idea how or why he is there. He notices a black pin in his hand, and somehow, he can read minds! Though this happened only after he flipped the pin.

The Phone Rings

A phone rings in his pocket, and a message appears on it. “Reach 104. You have 60 minutes. Fail, and face erasure. -The Reapers” is the message, and Neku tries to delete it but fails. After this, a 60-minute timer appears on his right hand. Unknown to him, Neku is trapped in the seven days long Reapers’ Game. All players have the pin which Neku holds- a pin with a skull.

The anime is based on the cult classic Nintendo game of the same name. The name debuted way back in 2007 and was a huge success. Now, in June 2020, a teaser for the anime adaptation was released. In July, we got official confirmation for the anime.


The World Ends with You The Animation is a new series. Considering the success of its source, we can assume that the anime will have a wide enough fanbase. However, so far, fans are enjoying the fast-paced action of the show. Let’s hope that ‘The World Ends with You The Animation’ is as good as the game itself. Want fresh anime updates? Check out the new stuff here!