The Summit Of The Gods Anime Movie Coming Soon

The Summit Of The Gods as our title suggests is an upcoming anime movie coming to everyone’s screens this year. The story of the movie based on real-life events has been adapted from the manga of the same name written by Jiro Taniguchi in 2001 and has received several accolades including the award of excellence by Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs.

The talks about giving the manga a proper anime adaptation have been going on since 2015, however, the fruits of everyone’s labor it seems have finally come to fruition with the manga finally getting its very own movie adaptation, after almost 6 years since the creators began its production. But, this isn’t the only good news that the fans of the manga will be receiving this year because, as it turns out that the talented Patrick Imbert has taken the reigns of the show and will have a proper directorial role in the movie.

Netflix in their social media post recently announced that the online streaming platform has taken the distributing rights over The Summit Of The God anime movie and along with making this announcement gave the fans a much-needed glimpse into the movie by releasing the film’s first trailer (link attached below).

However, till now no concrete release date has been announced as of yet, however, it is confirmed that the movie will be released somewhere in 2022.

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Movie’s Plot

Image: Netflix

The Plot of The Summit Of The Gods takes place in the backdrop of the world’s tallest and the most majestic mountain, Mt. Everest. The show’s plot follows the story of a Japanese reporter Fukamachi who after encountering a strange Kodak camera from 70 years ago begins to doubt whether Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first people ever to climb Mt. Everest, or was it someone else?

However, before the young reporter could see the film to the end, the camera is snatched away from him by a mysterious man who Fukamachi recognizes to be the famous missing man named Habu Jôji.

Thus begins the journey of Fukamachi who in the search of the mysterious man and the mysterious Kodak camera ends up reaching The Summit Of The Gods.


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