The Seven Deadly Sins is back with its Season Four.

Anime lovers!! Here  I’m back with dozens of exiting chop-chops about the tremendous tale of  Meliodas of deadly sins. Have you remembered the last few phrases of that anime? Can you name the adventurous and fantasied anime correctly I’m talking of?

Surely you can! Because none can yet forget that fantastic name, Meliodas! Now, let’s stop going round and round and just jump to its main content. The main material is the anime “The Seven Deadly Sins.

The sins are not ordinary ones.  The story goes when the Sins war against Zeldris’s Ten Commandments. As a consequence, Meliodas is exposed to be the cursed son of Demon King. And thus comes the connection of Meliodas with Princess Elizabeth. They both were cursed, but the irony was,  they represent the polar opposite parties. Demon King cursed Meliodas, and on the other side, Elizabeth has the blessing of the Supreme Goddess.

The Plot: The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins are a troop of knights in the land of Britannia. But ten years earlier they were disbanded for apparently framing a move against the Liones Kingdom aka リオネス王国.  This kingdom represents the Holy Knights. They confiscated the evil agents and took control in the wake of a revolt. Liones’s third princess Elizabeth Liones exposed Meliodas, leader of the Seven Deadly Sins, before his confirming their comrades. Afterward, they wanted to clear their names and freed Liones from the list of Holy Knights.

Now Let’s Talk About Something Formal

The Manga was written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki. The Seven Deadly Sins started as a single pilot chapter, issued on November 22 of 2011, in Weekly Shōnen Magazine’s 52nd issue. The Manga began to serialization in the magazine’s 45 points of 2012 and released on October 10, 2012. According to Suzuki’s tweet in February 2020, the Manga has “one more volume left” after volume 40. The Manga will be completed on March 25, 2020. As the original series is published in Japan, it is also simultaneously released by Crunchyroll in English digitally over 170 countries.

[Update] Seven Deadly Sins sequel ‘The Four Knights of Apocalypse’ confirmed


Review of the third Season-

The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods, will be headed towards the story’s climax. Here the first opening theme song is “ROB THE FRONTIER” by Uverworld. In the same manner, the first ending theme song is “Regeneration” by Sora Amamiya.

The Fourth Season: The release date of  The Seven Deadly Sins

Now the fourth season is on its way. After the achievements of the first, second and the third sequel, a fourth season is titled as The Seven Deadly Sins: Anger’s Judgement aka 七つの大罪 憤怒の審判, Nanatsu no Taizai: Fundo no ShinpanThe third season was in massive success. And for now, if you wait about the date of the fourth season, the answer will be, no exact date is till announced. The anger judgment  ( the fourth season) will be in the air soon in October 2020.

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