The Movie Tropical Rouge Pretty Cure Is Trending In First Place

The magical and mystical anime that enlightens the minds and hearts of anime lovers is non-other than Tropical Rouge Pretty Cure. The fans are even more thrilled to hear that The Movie Tropical Rouge Pretty Cure Is Trending In First Place ever since its release date.

This amazing animated series had been popular ever since the release of its first season. This animated series was in talks to release a movie adaption of the Tropical Rouge Pretty Cure anime series. The Tropical-Rouge Pretty Cure movie was titled “Yuki no Princess to Kiseki no Yubiwa” and was released on  October 23rd, 2021 throughout Japanese cinemas.

The Movie Tropical Rouge Pretty Cure Is Trending In First Place
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Tropical Rouge Pretty Cure – The Movie

Tropical Rouge Pretty Cure became a super hit sensation thanks to the gorgeous and magical narrative line, as well as the colorful characters that portray a bright and positive impression to the viewers and readers. Manatsu Natsuumi, a first-year middle school student who traveled to Aozora City from Minamino Island to meet her mother, is the protagonist of Tropical Rouge Pretty Cure. Laura, a mermaid from a mystical place called Grand Ocean, which is the land of Mermaids. Laura has been on the search looking throughout the Grand Ocean for absolute warriors to fight against the Witch of Delays from the bottom of the ocean, who had conquered her nation and sucked all the Motivation Power out of the people of her kingdom.

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In hopes to restore her kingdom from these witches, Laura reaches out to seek help from Manatsu. However, as one of the witch’s minions attacks Aozora City, Manatsu is suddenly blessed with sea powers, allowing her to transform into Cure Summer, one of the legendary warriors prophesied in the Grand Ocean’s legends.


The most popular Tropical-Rouge! Toei Animation’s Pretty Cure is a Japanese magical girl anime series. Yutaka Tsuchida directed and Masahiro Yokotani wrote this well-known animation. Motivation and responsibility are the series’ core ideals, with tropical and ocean elements, as well as cosmetics and dancing, serving as the Cures’ key motifs. Toei Animation Inc. licensed the series for distribution outside of Japan, with Crunchyroll streaming it in various western areas.

The series’ enormous popularity, which has kept it at No. 1 since its first day of release, has gotten a lot of praise from anime fans, and we hope to write more about it in the future.


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