The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited Episode 6 | President’s Life In Danger Again?

Less than a couple of episodes are left for the finale episode of the anime “The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited.” The anime is very fascinating because of Kambe and his unique way of solving cases. A very unique and different anime series it is. With Detective Kambe being the main lead in the anime “The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited”the story and the plot becomes even more interesting. 
With only 5 episodes left for the anime series to end, things are getting intense. Before we take a look at the updates from the upcoming episode of the anime, let’s discuss how the detective solves the crimes.


The director assigns Kambe and his team to a new mission. This time the mission is all about giving protection to a powerful man. This time the mission is only for the new officials. The old officials cannot be a part of this mission as they are on their verge of getting retired from service. 
Kambe has the responsibility to protect President Alvarez and his people. President Alvarez is from the Republic of Poliador in Central America. He comes to Japan exclusively to give a visit to Giant Dam Project. As per the estimations, the project costs around 30 billion yen. But there is a little problem with this project. Most of the people living in the area near the Dam’s location are criticizing the project. Because the construction of this giant dam will result in them losing their homeland.
Kambe and The President

Let’s see what will happen to the President. Will Kambe be able to protect him in the upcoming episode of the anime? To get the answers to all these questions read further. As in this article, will be sharing the details of the upcoming episode of the anime “The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited.” The upcoming episode is episode number 6.

The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited Episode 6 Release

The upcoming episode i.e., episode 6 of the anime will release on Friday, 21 August 2020, at 12:55 AM JST. For some countries, the release day might be Thursday. So I suggest you convert the timing as per your local time zones.

The anime The Millionaire Detective is an adaptation of a Japanese novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui, of the same name. The anime is available on Fuji TV to watch.

The story of the anime revolves around Daisuke Kambe. He is a detective working at the Modern Crime Prevention Headquarters. 

Episode 5 Recap and Spoilers from Episode 6: 

Daisuke Kambe along with his team is assigned the task of protecting President Alvarez of Poliador as some terrorists want to kill him. When the president arrives at the conference hall, Haru along with the other police officers guards the gate of the conference. Since Kambe’s grandmother is sick, Haru thinks he won’t be able to make it to the conference. But to everyone’s surprise, Kambe arrives in Rolls Royce with other officials.

Further in the anime, we see Kambe and the President along with the guards. Meanwhile, in the backdrop of the anime, someone kills the chef who was preparing food for the President. Kambe takes the President into a safe room. Meanwhile, he tries to retrieve the footage from the CCTV cameras of the murder.

And then comes the most intense part of the anime. The President and Kambe get trapped inside the room with a bomb in it. While Kambe tries diffusing the bomb, his teammate Haru tries chasing the culprit. But the culprit jumps off from the rooftop of the building and dies. Later, Haru somehow manages to get the key to the room. And rescues Kambe and Alvarez just a few seconds prior to the bomb blast.

Later, Haru finds out that the culprit was trying to save his homeland as the project could affect it. The President went back without launching the project.

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