The God Of High School Episode 9: Updates!!!

As the episodes pass by story is getting more interesting. The God Of High School can be regarded as one of the favourite anime series of teenagers. Moreover, the storyline of the anime focuses on the school teenagers. What will happen in the upcoming episode? Note that next episode will be mindblowing. Let us have a look at the spoilers of the forthcoming The God Of High School Episode 9. Also, know the release date of episode 9.

Release date of The God Of High School Episode 9

The previous episode of the anime series aired on August 24, 2020. The newest episodes of the anime series releases every week on Monday. However, due to the change in timings, some regions might get it early or late. The upcoming The God Of High School Episode 9 will release on  August 31, 2020.

There are some platforms where one can watch the series. You may have a look at those at the end of the article.

The God Of High School Episode 9
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Spoilers of episode 9

The God of high school tournament began in coax basement. That was precisely after three days of Mira’s sword. By using extraordinary skills, Mori defeated his opponents. Mori knew Taekwondo. Everyone was shocked by the way he played.

Meanwhile, Gamdo Go told,  he was grateful to Sir Jin. When his fight came, he was determined to fight anyone down. By this, he could show his gratitude towards Jin. The next match has to be fought between Gamdo Go and Manseok Gang. When Gamdo Go was leaving for the game, Jin told him to be careful. His opponent was strong.

However, Gamdo Go had something else stressing him. Meanwhile, the match started. Then Gamdo Go did a small rabbit step and a dragon staff strike. He was nonstop making his moves. Then after Gamdo Go did ten thousand horse strikes. O my god.

Moreover, everyone remained dumbstruck by his performance. But, Gang stood up again. Everyone started cheering. However, Gamdo Go strikes him with a front kick. Gang went mad after this. He pulled his opponents hairs. Meanwhile, the audience was in the shock of Gang’s behaviour. He started using the battlefield skills, which were not necessary here.

Ooooooooo, harsh isn’t it. Well, have a look at the episode for more.

Where to watch?

The God Of High School anime series is available on the following platform:

  • VRV
  • Crunchyroll

One can read the manhwa of the same on Webtoons.

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