The God Of High School Episode 8: What Next For The Trio?

Initially, The God Of High School got published as digital comics. It is a manhwa by writer Yongje Park. Moreover, the publisher Image frame announced the manhwa. Recently, the anime adaption of the manhwa has premiered this July. Sunghoo Park directs the anime TV series. Much more is there to explore yet in the series. The series gets better with every episode. We saw Jin, Han and Park reached a higher level in the tournament. Also, we came across how Jin lost the match! Further, what happened in the episode? Let us find out more in the article. Moreover, have a look at the release date of The God Of High School Episode 8.

Release date of The God Of High School Episode 8

The previous episode aired on August 17, 2020. Every week on Monday, new episodes of the manhwa are aired. Furthermore, The God Of High School Episode 8 will release on August 24, 2020.

The time of airing is 11:30 PM (Japan Standard Time). Note that the airing time of the episode differs according to your region. So, you may have a look at the time on your own.

The platforms on which one can watch the episodes are mentioned ahead in the article.

The God Of High School Episode 8
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Recap of episode 7

We saw how the tournament took the turn. Jin was paired against amateur fighter. However, Jin paralyzed himself. That gave a shook to everyone. Therefore, Jin got defeated. Now, Han and Park has the pressure to win.

The episode sheds light on the emotional pasts of the protagonists. The anime series consists of two parts. First, where the story is focused on three of them, another section focuses on the backstory.

Moreover, the next episodes will bring fierce competitors for Han and Park and Jin. The predictions are made that in the upcoming episode, some darkness will hover in the tournament. However, no one can be sure about what will happen! In conclusion, we might come across the true capability of Jin.

Let us wait for the episode to air. Until then, be patient and enjoy episode seven if you haven’t already.

Have a look at what a fan has to say all about episode 7:

Where to watch?

The episodes of the anime series are available on the platforms like:

  • Crunchyroll
  • VRV

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