“The Fruit of Evolution” to Stream on Crunchyroll

One forthcoming anime that’s causing quite a stir is “The Fruit of Evolution,” which is set to stream on Crunchyroll. Last Tuesday, Crunchyroll revealed that Miku and U35’s “The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made” will be available on the site beginning October 4, 2021.

The plot revolves around an isekai-ed guy who dates a gorilla and transforms it into a lady. Even though years of isekai anime have left me immune to these types of storylines, the genre is venturing into uncharted territory this year. And there is no better streaming provider than Crunchyroll to offer us this wild program. The announcement is part of Crunchyroll’s Fall 2021 lineup, which also includes series like Blade Runner: Black Lotus, 86, and Restaurant to Another World 2, among many others.

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The Fruit of Evolution Synopsis

Furthermore, The Fruit of Evolution anime’s reputable online website released a synopsis of the first episode, which reads:

Seiichi Hiiragi, a chubby and disagreeable high school learner, had been tormented since he was a child and had led a dead existence, however, a watershed moment arrived. When a weird voice broadcasted over the faculty audio system, Seiichi was sent to another planet.

Thrown into this new world, Seiichi fought and was on the point of death due to hunger until he came across the fruit of evolution and evolved directly into a good-looking new being. Well, referring to its protagonist as “fats and unpleasant” gives us a good idea of what is about to happen in the anime. This kind of self-awareness is certain to tickle a few bones in the market.

The Fruit of Evolution: About

“The Fruit of Evolution,” which is set to stream on Crunchyroll is a Japanese myth light novel series written by Miku and drawn by U35. Futabasha acquired the unconventional after it began serialization online in September 2014 and has released 11 volumes since then.

The story follows Seiichi Hiiragi, a high school recluse who is transferred to another world. When he comes upon an opportunity to court a Gorilla, he decides to use “The Fruit of Evolution” to change his future.