Obake Zukan Monsters are now in Anime.

The official website for the anime adaptation has announced that the Obake Zukan monster picture book series Reveals! It Is in the market from Wednesday that Daiki Yamashita is playing. The website has only just gone through some main content. No detailed information there. as soon as the website updates the much of its detailing, you can enjoy it on our page. By proceeding the news, the first question that comes on mind is-

 what is the Obake Zukan?

Obake Zukan anime

In answer to the first question, we can say- Obaka Zukan is one of the most famous pictures book series. Now, this picture book is getting serialize. The plot mainly focuses on the picture book series from Hiroshi Saito and Etsuyoshi Miyamoto. 

Monsters are one of the common aspects of anime. But the bests have portrait it in a fantastic way, Common in the story but unique from all. So what new is waiting for us in the story is the main concern! According to the website’s update, Daroshi will play the role of Hiroshi and Nana Mizuki as Bōnyan.

Theme Songs: Obake Zuhan 

A good anime without a theme song is dead! Theme song creates the essence of the anime. It connects audiences with emotions and feelings. So, the theme song of Obake Zuhan is “Obaku Zukan no Uta ~Itsudemo Dokodemo~” and “Obake Zukan no Uta.” Masayoshi Ōishi is composing the songs, and leads it in a new rank!

「おはガール from Girls2」

Some informal information on Obaku Zuhan Anime

The children’s storybook is transferring into the Tv Anime series. Naomi Iwata is directing the anime at FanworksShigenori Tanabe is penning the scripts. Hope, children as well as teenagers will enjoy it much than ever. The main task of producing the Obaku Zuhan is by EGG FIRM.

Release Date: Obaku Zukan Anime

The “video adaptation” as is on its way. The “short drama” conversion of the book will premiere in TV Tokyo‘s Oha-Suta (Good Morning Studio) kids variety program. The date of the premiere is April 8 during the program’s “Chara-Suta” section.  Mark it! this gonna be crazy. The market premier will be there after the studio segment. The television anime will be in the air in the same “Chara-Suta” segment on July 1.

obaka zukan

The Synopsis

The Obake Zukan series illustrates numerous monsters and spirits. It explains why they are scary. Saitō and Miyamoto started the picture book series in 2013, and the latest volume dispatched on Wednesday. The most amazing fact is, that the series has more than 700,000 copies in circulation.

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