The Case Study of Vanitas Ending Song “0” Climbs the Charts With The Beautiful And Enchanting Voice of LMYK

There are a lot of things that are needed to make a good anime into a great anime; sure, we need a good production studio, a good cast, an amazing plot, but one of the things that give an anime the extra glamorous touch is undoubtedly the soundtracks, the opening and ending themes songs. This fact comes pretty obviously when we talk about “Unravel,” the opening song of Tokyo Ghoul that literally every anime fan has listened to, Diver by Naruto and how can we forget the king of good soundtracks Black Clover!, And soo many more that have not only made the production studios a lot of money but have also driven the popularity of the music artists upscale as well. Similarly, The Case Study of Vanitas, a brand new anime that is currently ongoing, has managed to not only gain quite a lot of reputation from its critics but have also succeeded in making their ending theme song climb the charts all over japan making it the talk of the town!

The story of the intriguing show follows the legend of the Vanitas, who had the cursed fate to be born under the fabled blue moon, due to which he was constantly scrutinized for his existence and was deliberately isolated, leaving him and lonely and distraught. Therefore, the legend has it that the lonely vampire created a cursed book called the Book of Vanitas, which would bring revenge on every vampire born under the crimson moon who tormented Vanitas’s his entire life.



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Although the plot of the show entails a lot more than this, we do not want to spoil a lot for our audience, who might wanna watch it after reading this post. However, just by the plot, it is safe to assume that the anime is bound to be pretty mystifying and serene, the adjectives which could be used exactly for the beautiful voice of LMYK, who is credited for singing the beautiful theme song for The Case Study of Vanitas titled “Zero.”

The Japanese artist, who was not that well reknown before, climbed into her overnight success with the skyrocketing demand of her song on Itunes, Spotify, and Youtube. So much so that the producers recently released the entire song in english lyrics for both the Japanese and the international audience alike. Therefore, it comes as quite a wonder as to how the anime industry plays a crucial role in not only bringing out the talents of people but in also sifting through the diamonds hiding in the rough. If you want to listen to LMYK’s beautiful voice, then make sure to watch The Case Study of Vanitas available on Crunchyroll. You can also watch its brand new youtube video, the anime version, and the original, the link to which has been attached below! Don’t forget to show your love in supporting the artist as she has finally caught a big break in her career!