Tatami Time Machine Blues, The Sequel To The Tatami Galaxy All Set To Get Its Very Own Anime Adaptation!

2021 has truly turned out to be a year of surprises, with so many shows and series making their big debut and comebacks, this year is truly turning out to be a dream come true for all the anime and manga fans out there, and one of the series that has surprised everyone and is making its big return after almost 16 years is none other than the Tatami Galaxy! The Tatami Galaxy, as the fans might already know, is a campus or academic novel that first began publishing in 2004, and now after almost 16 years since its debut and 14 years since it ended, the writer of the entertaining novel, Tomihiko Morimi it seems is planning a huge comeback with her sequel series Tatami Time Machine Blues.

Season 1 of the Tatami Galaxy began airing in the April of 2010 and concluded after releasing 11 episodes. However, none of the fans ever expected the show to have any future. However, Tomihiko made sure to prove everyone wrong when she began writing the sequel to the series in June of 2020, last year, and now since enough material has been published, the creators of the series have decided to once again give the sequel Tatami Time Machine Blues, an anime adaptation, which will continue to follow the events of its predecessors.

As the fans already know that the season 1 of the series was licensed by Funimation and was produced by none other than Madhouse Entertainment studio itself. However, one of the interesting things to note with the arrival of Tatami Time Machine Blues is that Disney+ will be exclusively taking over the series this time and will have all the licensing credits.

Image: Disney+

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This fact just goes to show how little by little every well-known streaming platform wants to strengthen its foothold in the anime industry and also proves how animes have become a crucial part of the global entertainment industry!

Although a concrete release date hasn’t been announced as of yet, the series is projected to begin airing from 2022 and will be only available on Disney+. According to the sources, every cast member is expected to retake their roles, ready to start their journey from a new facet once again. Therefore, to all our readers out there, make sure to keep an eye out for Tatami  Time Machine Blues and keep your disney+ subscriptions ready because this is a comeback story that you absolutely cannot miss!

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