Takt Op. Destiny A Brand New Anime Making Its Debut This Fall

October, or what we popularly like to call “the fall,” is a month in which many animes get released or launch their new seasons or cours. With soo many animes coming to our screens this October, it can be hard to keep up with the huge list. However, we are afraid that you might have to add another name to your must-watch list this fall because a brand new anime named Takt Op. Destiny, with a very amazing and interesting story, is coming to your homes pretty soon.

The original anime Takt Op. Destiny will be a mixed media project and is going to be animated by two powerhouses of animation – Madhouse and MAPPA studios. The highly anticipated show with big names behind its back is something that you absolutely cannot miss.

The story of the show takes place in the far future in the year 2047. After a huge black meteorite fell on earth, it brought monstrous and grotesque aliens with it called the D2, killing the human species one by one. The world, as you might have already guessed, is in shambles. However, the one strange thing about D2 was that upon their descent, they immediately banned all the music because, as the rumor has it, music is the only thing that has the power to defeat them.


Image: Madhouse & MAPPA

The rise of the D2 to immense power and their tyrannous rule led people to fear for their lives, and the urge to resist the alien creatures died down. With people prioritizing their personal safety rather than leading a bloody rebellion, most accepted their fates of living their lives in constant fear and captivity. However, there are some women who refuse to accept this fate and have the courage to fight. These women holding the power of musicart the symphony that can defeat D2 are led by the conductors. Thus paving the way to an intense musical battle mania, for the fight to freedom.

As intriguing as the story is, one thing is certain that the animation will be top-notch. With two of the biggest animation studios collaborating on this project and given how appealing the show’s new trailer looks (link attached below), Takt Op. Destiny is going to be one hell of an anime that our readers should absolutely do not miss! Therefore, if you’ve just watched the trailer can not hold your excitement any longer, we are glad to tell you that the wait is finally over! Season 1 of Takt Op. Destiny is all set to hit the big screen this fall and make its debut on October 5, 2021.

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