Sword Art Online Progressive Movie New Trailer: Asuna Mito And Kirito

Sword Art Online or SAO has been a fan favourite fantasy anime. The anime has provided exhilarating sword fights and astonishing twists. This has made the franchise well known around the world. Fans can’t have enough of these expressive storylines, and thus, they get what they want. Sword Art Online Progressive Movie- Aria of a Starless Knight is based on Asuna‘s side of the story. The female protagonist is shown to be a diverse fighter in the anime. This time we get to see her origin.

Aniplex has uploaded a second trailer for the movie on September 16th. The 2:08 minute trailer is composed of various clips from the movie. We can see a glimpse of Asuna’s journey and her advancement in the anime.

Sword Art Online Progressive Movie Trailer 2

It ain’t always a hero’s job to save everyone. The female protagonist Asuna has a well-developed character as strong as Kirito (The male protagonist). We’ve seen Asuna in action numerous times. She has always been deduced as a strong-willed girl with a definite composure. This synopsis is contradicted in The Sword Art Online Progressive Movie second trailer.

The trailer starts with Asuna living her everyday life. The trailer then introduces us to Mito, Asuna’s friend, who seems to have a great understanding of games. Asuna easily gets beaten by her in some other game. This is the time when Mito presents her with a new game- Sword Art Online. The world’s first VRMMO game. The franchise is leaving no stone unturned to attract the audience.

The story revolves around the initial season of anime. This time we get to see Asuna’s journey in the game world.

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Asuna’s Character in Trailer 2 of Sword Art Online Progressive Movie

Asuna is seen as a young girl living her day-to-day life. Her character is initiated as a soft one which changes throughout the trailer. We get to see her joining the Sword Art Online game, recommended by her friend, Mito.

Asuna is shown as a scaredy-cat. She is unable to make quick judgements across the trailer. This Sword Art Online Progressive Movie trailer shows the female protagonist struggling while her friend provides beneficial support. Her character is speculated to change in the movie, but the circumstances are still unknown. We could have a preconception that it would happen due to her friend’s demise.

Mito consoling Asuna (Image: Youtube)

In the trailer, Asuna introduces her story by saying, “I was living my life according to everyone else’s expectations until I found this game.”

Mito And Asuna:

Mito is introduced in this trailer of Sword Art Online Progressive Movie. She introduces Asuna to the VRMMORPG game. Mito is shown as a character with strong perceptions like Kirito. She seems to have expertise in gaming. Asuna, on the other hand, is yet to discover her gaming side. The relationship between these two characters is shown as a profound friendship. Mito has appeared to be fulfilling this friendship by protecting Asuna from the hardships of this world. She’s also consoling Asuna and assuring her that they’d complete this game together.

There is a connection between these two characters that is hypothesized to play a major role in the movie. Thus, it could be giving us some tear-jerking scenes through this relationship.

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Kirito in the 2nd Trailer:

Kirito, the best swordsman around who understands the mechanics of the game itself. He is a character with one of the largest fan following. His calm composure and great judgement skills have always been beneficial for the franchise. In the final scenes of the Sword Art Online Progressive Movie trailer, we could see Kirito in action. The character jumps in to save the girls from a monster. He introduces himself, and thus the journey continues. His appearance will surely be icing on the cake.

Kirito and Asuna (Image: Netflix)

Sword Art Online Progressive Movie- Aria of a Starless Knight Release date

The movie will be released on October 30th, 2021, in Japan. The same date is also slated for North American release.