Subzero Chapter 93: Release Date, Plot, Spoilers, Trailer

Subzero Chapter 93 would be a lot more happening considering the major cliffhanger the last episode left us with. Here is what can happen in the next episode of Mortal Combat.

Subzero has always been one of the anime lovers’ top picks, maybe because of its laudable plot, character arcs, and the chemistry between the leads.

Subzero Chapter 93: When will it air?

Subzero Chapter 93 will be airing on Monday, 2 November 2020. You can even read it online on LINE WEBTOON.

What happened in the previous chapter?

In the previous episode of Mortal Combat, we saw Fel getting heavily injured while trying to elope. However, Clove made his decision not to abandon anyone but the soldiers

Fei is heavily injured while executing the escape, but Clove decides to leave no one behind. While the soldiers wanted to leave the injured thinking of them as extra weight, the princess won’t leave a single being. Aron suggests keeping put until the explosions don’t stop.

Subzero Chapter 93

The general takes the command. They will find a way out!. They proceed to find a way while trying to keep heavily injured Fei awake. Whereas outside the prison, we see Rizon all worried for the general and the princess. He is trying to reach them from the outside by finding an entrance.

Kyro is also worried sick and calls upon Red to find Clove and the rest. While all the roads seemed blocked and the explosions getting heavier, the general shared the only possible way.

He said only Clove could save them all by unleashing her beast and taking them all out. She hesitated but couldn’t deny, as the general exclaimed that Kyro would have done the same too.

What will happen in the next chapter?

Subzero Chapter 93; Image Source: Crunchyroll

While the prison collapses, Aron carrying Fei, Clove, and others keeping running through the tunnel. Aron asked Clove to follow the voice and keep everyone leading to a fortified region that lay ahead. They meet up with the guard and rush them to get aid for Fei. She almost started to lose consciousness from the major injuries. While Aron tries to seek further aid, Clove and the commander try to help.

The tunnel is on the verge of collapse, which will lead the passageway to close too. All of them rush forward just in time, and the collapse happens, but Clove isn’t to be seen anywhere. They start to fear she got stuck in the collapse. Though Aron saw her and the commander jump right in time to make it through. He then says that Clove shouldn’t risk her life like that.

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