Sonny Boy Gets English Dub On Funimation And More

Sonny Boy has been airing since July 16th, 2021. Nine episodes have been released in the subbed version, while the 10th is announced to air on September 17th. Anime fans enjoy the dubbed version as much as the subbed one. Funimation has announced Madhouse’s original sci-fi series to get an English dubbed release.

Sonny Boy Plot

The story revolves around a group of third-year middle school students. Sonny Boy mostly focuses on middle school third-year student Nagara and the mysterious transfer student Nozomi. It was another normal summer holiday for the students. Suddenly, the school goes through a dimension drift and 36 of the students get left in there. Through the powers they have now awakened in them, they have to survive this harsh dimension. There is a cluster of questions, but they have to stay focused on surviving.

Sonny Boy Genre

The anime is sci-fi, mystery and survival—Sonny Boy has expertise in creating suspense. The writer and director Shingo Natsume provides a feast for action anime fans through his other anime, One Punch Man. This time he takes on the Sci-Fi genre. The mysteries revolving around the students and their unknown future are sensational. The best thing about mystery anime is that they always keep you on the edges of your seat. The dubbed version wouldn’t be disappointing for anime lovers.

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Students in another dimension (Image: Funimation)

Sonny Boy Dubbed Cast

Funimation has announced the cast of the dubbed version on Tuesday, September 14th.

The English cast of Sunny Boy includes:

Nagara Derick Snow Shinra Kusaki in Fire Force
Mizuho Tia Ballard Zero Two in Darling in the Franx
Asakaze Daman Mills Fenice Gemma in Astra: Lost in Space
Nozomi Luci Christian Hiro Soma in Fruits Basket
Koshi Ry McKeand Shuichi in Gleipinir
Rajdhani Siddhartha Minahas Itami in Konsui Fighter
Cap Patrick Seitz Riz in Beastars
Hayato David Matranga Shoto Todoroki in My Hero Academia
Machi Lauren Landa Annie Leonhart in Attack on Titan

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As we can see, several talented voice actors have been chosen for Sonny Boy. This shows how serious Funimation is on making the series a worth watch for the dubbed fans.