Sonny Boy A Must Watch Show Streaming Now!

Finally and I mean finally are we getting a glimpse into another one of those popular danganropa style anime! That’s right, Sonny Boy a brand new anime series that began airing from the 16th of July 2021, is everything that any psychological mystery and thriller lover would require.

The thing about the anime world is that soo damned many of them get released almost every month that it’s really hard to keep up. The media often publicizes the animes made by the huge studios or the stories that received a lot of attention and fanbase from the start. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that there are almost thousands of hidden gems out there that are just waiting for people to watch them and appreciate them. I mean animes like Darker than black, Noragami, Steins Gate, After the rain and so many more, are definitely some of the most interesting stories I’ve read that have managed to be a part of my memory due to their unique stories and amazing characters.

However, almost all of them got discontinued simply because the fan base and demand just weren’t strong enough. Therefore, this article is not only to glorify one of these hidden gems that you must definitely try but also a way for people to begin appreciating the things that truly deserve it.


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The story of Sonny Boy is centered around 36 high school students, who along with their school building are transported into a void that leads them into a parallel universe. Now, in this new universe, some of the students find themselves develop special kinds of powers, causing the student body to get dissociated from one another. Even after a lot of efforts by the student council and the president, the sense of unfamiliarity and isolation doesn’t seem to falter at all and the next thing we see is all the students are now divided up into groups. However, it’s not the groups that really worry the viewers, it’s those who will unite and lead all these groups. With every student having their own wishes and opinions and now with their newfound powers, things begin to escalate at a faster pace than anyone had anticipated before.

However, the students soon realize, that this world that they’re now in isn’t as straightforward as it was before. With this new universe having its very own set of rules, the students must now find a way out or pay dearly with their lives. This blockbuster of a show that is certainly going to keep you on edge constantly is a series that you should under no circumstances underestimate. Don’t believe us? See for yourself in Sonny Boy’s brand new trailer. Also, do make sure to check out Sonny Boy’s brand new episodes and more, and don’t forget to spread some love!