SK8 The Infinity Original Anime Directed By Hiroko Utsumi

SK8 The Infinity Original Anime the original anime by BONES studio and creator Hiroko Utsumi. Both revealed that they would come up with an original anime soon. The project director will be Hiroko. What will be the story like? We will discuss about it in this article.

Aniplex of America will be premiering the anime. Yet, no information about the premiere has come. But, the promo video was shared on the official page of Aniplex USA. It is also said that the anime will premiere in January 2021. After years of announcing the collaboration of BONES and Hiroko, the anime announcement has been made.

Let us know about the release date of the anime. Moreover, understand what this story is about.

When will SK8 The Infinity Original Anime release?

The announcement was made that it will premiere in January 2021. Aniplex USA shared the promo video of the same.

The airing time and other details will disclose later. Till then know about the story of the anime. Moreover, staff details are given ahead in this article.

SK8 The Infinity Original Anime
Source: Anime SWEET


The storyline centres a boy name Reki. He is a high school student who is crazy about skateboarding. However, once he gets to tuck into something dangerous, it is called ‘S’ an underground skating race without rules.

One friend of Reki from Canada also gets stuck. Ranga, Reki’s friend, have never skateboarded. But, still there is no way out for him.

What will happen in between AI racers and dirty racers! Will they finish “Youth skateboard race battle”?

Staff members

Some of the staff members are revealed. They include:

  • Scriptwriter Ichiro Okouchi.
  • Character designer Michinori Chiba.
  • Music composer Ryo Takahashi.
  • Director Hiroko Utsumi.

Other members along with the cast will be revealed in a short time. Moreover, more about the production will come in a while.

Have a look at the trailer:

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