Sing “Yesterday” For Me Release, Cast and Details

Sing “Yesterday” for Me is a Japanese manga series.  Kei Toume is the writer of this manga. The serialization of the manga began in 1977 by Shueisha’s seinen manga magazine. The magazine’s name was Business Jump. And later in November 2011, it moved to Shueisha’s Grand Jump magazine. And it came to an end in June 2015. It is a collection of eleven tankōbon volumes. An anime television series adaptation by Doga Kobo premiered on 4th April, 2020.

Sing “Yesterday” for Me or also popularly known as ‘Yesterday wo Utatte.’ It is a customary realistic life experience anime. But without any of the high school drama like other shows. From 4th April, 2020, the anime started streaming.

How is Sing “Yesterday” for Me different?

Unlike “Oresuki” or “ScienceFell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It.” Sing “Yesterday” for me is different. Those animes are mainly for teenagers. However anime Sing “Yesterday” for me targets youngsters as well as adults more particularly to say.

Though the anime is of the romantic genre. After completion of half of the first episode, it slowly starts drifting. The story takes a whole new direction. And this makes you realize that it is not as predictable as it appears. The first episode is enough for any viewer to start feeling that the storyline and all the characters are familiar. Even the closing scene of the first episode makes you wait eagerly for the next episode.

Release Date and Plot:

In the first season, the first episode started streaming from 4th April, 2020. And it will contain a total of 12 episodes. The show is expected to come to an end by June 2020.  The second episode of ‘Sing Yesterday for Me’ will release on 12th April, 2020.  Crunchyroll directly streams the show. The audio track is Japanese with English subtitles.

The story is about a graduate from the college named “RikuoUozomi.” The lead hero of this story. Rikuo lost every one of his desires throughout everyday life. And now lives a simple life. And he works at a general store to make his living.

One beautiful day Rikuo meets his ex-colleague. She was also his crush back in college days. And things begin to adventurous turns as he gets to know that Haru Nonaka also likes him.

Cast of Sing “Yesterday” for Me:

  • Rikuo Uozumi – The lead protagonist of the story. He is always quite unsure and confused. And is unmotivated toward the goal of his life and future. He likes photography and has a passion for it. But he lacks determination towards his ambitions. Will he be able to find his career in life? He works at a general store to make his living.
  • Shinako Morinome – The leading female character. She was an ex-classmate and a close friend of Rikuo. She also worked as a teacher at a High School. Haru was her former student. But soon, she dropped. Shinako somehow feels that she is the reason behind Haru dropping out of school. She also wishes to be friends with Rikuo. But she is unaware of her feelings for him.
  • Haru Nonaka – The second female lead. Her father gave her this name, “Haru Nonaka”. But later, he left her and her mother to marry another woman.  Even after all that, she still likes her name “Haru Nonaka” and never wants to change it. Haru Nonoka dropped out of High School. Because the school administration disapproves of her part-time job at “Milk Hall.” She is familiar with Rikuo. She also has a liking for him. She also has a pet crow ‘Kansuke’.  It always stays with her.