Shinka no Mi, Love Story Between A Human And A Female Gorilla? Releasing Soon!

Let’s face it, in almost every anime, we see these flawless characters with their handsome smiles and looks, giving all of us less than decent-looking folks a run for our money. However, what about the others? What about the characters who are not that good-looking, who do not have such an impeccable body, who have a decent heart and a simple mind. Well, folks, these are the people that end up getting bullied! This is exactly what happens in the life of Hiiragi Seiichi in Shinka no Mi.

Hiiragi Seiichi is a young high schooler who is almost constantly bullied and berated by his classmates who insult him based on his looks, his weight, his voice, and almost his entire existence. However, even after suffering through such harsh judgment and that too by his own peers, Seiichi makes it a point to never become like them. Even after being treated pathetically, the young boy still believes in positive outcomes and always keeps a smile on his face.

One day, on his high school intercom, a voice belonging to none other than God himself is heard. God asks every student present in the school to get ready to be transported into the other world and form groups. The performance of these groups and how they act in the new world will decide their outcomes. However, unsurprisingly, Seiichi is left out from any other group, and as they are transported into the new world, much like the garden of Eden he ends up eating the “Fruit of Evolution.” Little did Seiichi know that eating this fruit would change his life forever.


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Now a lot of you might be wondering, where the hell is the gorilla? Well, to our readers, we would politely like to tell them to see for themselves because the amazing anime Shinka no Mi is all set to make its debut in October of 2021!

If you’re one of those who love a comeback story, then Shinka no Mi is without a doubt the best anime for you. The amazing and intriguing story and the wonderful people behind the scenes are giving me a huge sign that it just might be one of the biggest deals this year. Therefore, if you want to see Seiichi kick some ass and call names, then make sure to keep your Crunchyroll subscriptions lined up because Sinka No Mi is definitely an anime that we all need to look out for!