Shenmue The Animation To Premiere This February! When And Where To Watch?

Shenmue The Animation is a soon-to-come Japanese anime directed by Chikara Sakurai. It is based on the Shenmue video game created by Yu Suzuki. Animated by Telecom Animation Film, Shenmue The Animation is published by Sega. The anime is co-produced by Crunchyroll and Adult Swim. It is all set to premiere on your screens very soon! Check when!


Shenmue The Animation

The Plot takes us to the story of Ryo, who has dedicated his life in the quest for revenging his father’s murder. He puts in all the efforts to get to the person involved, and he sets on a mission that drives him off from the streets of his hometown Yokosuka, Japan, to the broader metropolitan cities like Hong Kong. He slowly unfolds the mysteries and knows that larger mystical forces are also involved; he then proceeds to train himself and become the ultimate martial artist.

Shenmue The Animation

Premieres On?

Episode no. Title The original date of release
01 “Thunderclap” 6th February 2022


Shenmue The Animation premieres either on the 5th or 6th of February, depending on the places you reside in!

Where To Watch?

The 13 episodes long animation is an exclusive co-production, and Crunchyroll will be the only one streaming it; the shows will simultaneously be available on Adult Swim as well!

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While you wait for the premiere, you should know that Anime Swim will be accessible for the dubbed edition while the subs edition will be available on Crunchyroll. 

Shenmue The Animation

Character And Voice-Cast?

Ryo Hazuki Masaya Matsuke (Japanese)

Austin Tindle (English)

Lan Di Takahiro Sakurai ( Japanese)

Scott Gibbs ( English)

Shenhua Natalie Rial
Chai Greg Ayres
Guizhang Chen Jeremy Gee
Nozomi Harasaki Cat Thomas
Ren Cody House
Wong Bryson Baugus
Joy Luci Christian
Dou Niu Joe Daniels
Lishao Tao Christine Auten


Is There An Official Trailer?

Yes, The Official Trailer for Shenmue The Animation surfaced a week ago. You can watch it here-

The trailer gives a glimpse of the splendid battle & action sequences, assuring the audiences that they’ll be provided with much exciting stuff when the anime comes up.

With that excitement, we wrap this article up. We are hoping to see you again soon with another update!

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