She Professed Herself Pupil Of The Wise Man – English Subbed PV

The official Twitter site of Kendeshi Anime revealed that She Professed Herself Pupil Of the Wise Man – English Subbed PV  to be released for the anime.

The main distinction is that the protagonist does not die in order to be reborn on another planet. That isn’t even the strangest aspect of the anime.

Sakimori Kagami, the protagonist, is transferred into the realm of his beloved game as a Kawai young girl. The difficulty doesn’t stop there, as pro-gamer Sakimori is now forced to conceal the fact that he is the game’s strongest character. His look is nothing more than him having fun with a new avatar.

She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man, a quirky Isekai anime, has unveiled an English subbed PV for its January 2022 launch.

The English dubbed PV depicts the protagonist’s reborn self, Mira, in the Kingdom of Arkite. We observe Mira struggle with her clothes since the ones she possesses are too big for Dunbalf, the MC’s initial avatar, a strong white-bearded guy.

She Professed Herself, Pupil Of the Wise Man – English Subbed PV,

She Professed Herself Pupil Of The Wise Man
Image: YouTube

Call it bad luck or destiny, Mira now has to cope with concealing her identity as the game’s most powerful character. She attempts to persuade everyone that she is, in fact, Dunbalf’s student.

Furthermore, Solomon, the ruler of Arkite and another reincarnated Earth player, assigns Mira the duty of assembling the Nine Wise Men of Arkite. They are Arkite’s nine most powerful and important persons. Solomon, like Mira, is curious about what occurred and how he and the other players found up in this predicament.

Despite these challenges, we perceive Mira as the strong-willed, dependable, and brilliant character she is, regardless of her looks. Isekai fans enjoy the charming animation and a lot of situational humor. Furthermore, Mira’s circumstances add to the plot’s appeal. They also wonder if Mira will ever regain her true self, or if she will be trapped in the body of a child for the rest of her life.

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She Professed Herself Pupil Of The Wise Man – About

She Professed Herself  Pupil of the Wiseman the light novel is written by Hirotsugu Ryusen. In April of 2012, it began serialization. In July 2016, a manga adaptation was released. Kagami Sakimori is a professional player in the game Arch Earth Online. His role is that of a wise bearded wizard, but one day he decides to switch to that of a female. The next day, he awakens in the game’s universe, and Arch Earth Online becomes far too realistic for Kagami.