Shadows House Episode 2: Release Date, Time and Preview

Shadows House Episode 2 premiers soon and will follow the events inside the mysterious castle. When Shadows House anime was announced, it quickly became a highly anticipated show. Episode 1 lived up to the dreams and hopes of fans, and we expect episode 2 to do the same. To know more about Shadows House and its latest episode, keep reading!

Shadows House Episode 2 Release Date and Time

The second episode of Shadows House will be out on 17 or 18 April across the globe. Depending on one’s international location, the episode will be available at different timings and on other dates. In Japan, episode two will be out on 18 April at 12:30 am JST. It will be available in the rest of Asia at 1 am PHT in the Philipines and at 2 am KST in Korea on 18 April. Australian weebs can watch it at 2:30 am ACST on 18 April, and British viewers can stream the episode at 6 pm BST on 17 April. Funimation confirms all these dates.

The Shadow Family (Image: Anime News Network)

Where to Watch?

The show is being streamed on Funimation so viewers outside Asia can stream it there. It is also available on AnimeLab. For Southeast Asian viewers, Muse communication has licensed the show’s release, and it is available on Bilibili.

And What about The English Dub?

Presently, we have no word about it whatsoever. No statements mentioning the release of an English dub are available, so we cannot say much about it. Since the show got an excellent reception from the first day and since all popular animes get an English dub, we can also expect one. Also, since Shadows House is licensed by Funimation, which is known for its dub, viewers can keep their hopes high about an English dub.

About Shadows House

The anime depicts the story of a mysterious, creepy noble family. Mysterious why? Because the family is that of faceless shadows, who live as nobles. The family members each have a ‘living doll’ workings with their servant, whose main task is to clean the soot coming off these shadows. Assigned to the shadows as their coming-of-age, these dolls act as the face of these shadows.

The Living Dolls (image:OtakuKart)

Kate is a shadow noble who has been assigned a very cheerful, merry (and cute) living doll as her servant. Kate names her ‘Emilico.’ The story follows Kate and Emilico in their secretive and mysterious life inside the Shadows House.

Shadows House, also known as Shadō Hausu, is a Japanese manga that debuted in 2018. It was written by Somato and published by Shueisha that it was announced in 2020 October that Shadows House would be adapted into an anime. The series is directed by Kazuki Ōhashi and is made under the banner of CloverWorks.

Episode 2 Preview

In episode 1, titled “The Shadow and Her Doll,” we saw Kate and her doll meeting for the first time. As the episode progresses, we see the two forming a bond as Kate is no longer anxious around her. Kate teaches her to read, dress and also feeds her. The doll gets better at her daily task of cleaning the soot. The episode ends with Kate naming her ‘Emilico’ after the heroine of a book she was reading.

Episode 2, titled “Outside the Room,” will most likely show Emilico meeting other house members. She might leave Kate’s room and also meet other dolls in the house. Though official spoilers are not available, the preview does give us some ideas. You can watch the preview here:

Final Words

Episode 2 will air soon, further narrating Emilico and Kates’s story. The show will bring thought-provoking ideas to the forefront, and fans can’t wait. For more exciting anime news, don’t forget to check out the articles here.

Stay tuned!