SD Gundam World Heroes: Side Story This Winter

The SD Gundam franchise has proved to be one of the best mecha anime providers. Nonetheless, the merchandise by the company is indeed similarly popular. On September 17th, i.e. this Friday, the Sunrise studios revealed planning a side story for the series. The franchise of SD Gundam World Heroes hasn’t announced any storyline regarding this side story.

This side story would be focused around the Knight Gundam in the Knight World. We’d be seeing the Knight Gundam’s journey and the challenges he will overcome to know the truth of the menace plaguing the Knight World.

Knight Gundam (Image: Mr Mecha Man)

From Gundam to SD Gundam World Heroes:

The SD Gundam or Superior Defender Gundam or Super Deformed Gundam is focused on mecha anime and merchandise. It is a spin-off of the original Gundam mecha series. They take the mechas from the Gundam series and express them in super-deformed and anthropomorphic style.

The franchise released its first anime back in 2004, named SD Gundam Force. SD Gundam World Heroes was the latest anime of the franchise, which aired from April 8th, 2021, to September 16th 2021.

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SD Gundam World Heroes

The anime was aired worldwide on Gundam’s Youtube channel. Funimation had also streamed the anime. It followed the story from SD Gundam World Sangoku Sōketsuden, which premiered in July 2019. They also introduced additional characters like Gokū Impulse Gundam, Nobunaga Gundam Epyon, and Sergeant Verde Buster Gundam.

sd-gundam-world heroes
SD Gundam World (Image: Youtube)

The company described the story as:

The balance of the world is maintained by heroes. Suddenly a red-hot meteor falls upon one of these worlds, called Neo World. An amnesiac youth named Wukong Impulse Gundam appears at the point where it landed. The chaos that starts with this incident spreads through the other worlds, one after another.


At the same time, Zhuge Liang Freedom Gundam learns via astrology of an impending disaster. He and his sworn friend Liu Bei Unicorn Gundam take action to save the world from this crisis and begin a journey along with Wukong.

SD Gundam World Heroes side story is speculated to be eye feasting for mecha anime fans. There have been no further updates about it other than its confirmation to be released this winter. Let’s see what this side story provides.