Scarlet Nexus Episode 12 Release Date, Plot, Recap and More

Scarlet Nexus is a Japanese anime series that aired for the first time on July 1, 2021. The anime is based on the video game called Scarlet Nexus. The anime series is produced by sunrise, a Japanese animation studio. After the premiere, the show was broadcast every week with English subtitles. As the video game became the best seller, the anime also earned worldwide acclaim.



The anime’s plot is set in the near future when humans have acquired exceptional telekinesis abilities. The protagonist’s mission is to protect humanity from the mindless mutants known as Others. Others are the aliens who eat human brains. A force named osf (other suppression force) is formed to stop others. Various types of characters are assembled in this force to form a team. Yuito Sumeragi is the anime’s main protagonist and a member of the OSF force. Yuito Sumeragi, the main character, possesses the ability of Psychokinesis, which allows him to move items solely through mental effort.

Scarlet Nexus Episode 12 Release Date

The scarlet nexus anime is as popular as the video game, and it’s no surprise. Despite the fact that new episodes are released every week, viewers still eagerly await the next one with great anticipation. As the series broadcasts episodes weekly, it has been confirmed that episode 12, “The Moon’s Secrets”will be out on September 16, 2021. Till the end is announced, Scarlet Nexus will proceed to be released weekly.


What Was Shown In The Previous Episodes?

In the previous episode of scarlet nexus, Yuito’s psionics-assisted brainwave scan indicates a direct link between him and the Kunad Gate. Meanwhile, Fubuki admits that despite knowing it would be misused, he had instructed Seiran to construct the sinister laboratory that conducts experiments on people and Others solely to save Alice.

Since Nagi witnessed Naomi’s transformation, Yuito’s squad intends to infiltrate the facility in order to obtain his memory data. Karen meets with Kasane’s team to notify them of the Kunad Gate’s connection to Yuito’s psionics. It supports the hypothesis that Yuito told her from the future.
When Yuito’s squad infiltrates the research center, they are confronted with a new Nagi who is not afraid to murder them. He kidnaps the protagonist and then restrains each of the team members. Yuito passes out and gets a flashback to when he was younger. When his mother subjected him to some odd experiments, he and the rest of the squad are mechanically chained to their chairs when he wakes up. He is told by the doctor who is experimenting on him that he knew him a long time ago.

Where To Watch Scarlet Nexus Episode 12

All the anime fans can watch scarlet Nexus on Funimation’s YouTube. All of the aired episodes are available with English subtitles with HD quality.