Revue Starlight Complication has postponed Lately!!

Revue Starlight  Is the new anime franchise, which is the news nowadays. The official website of the anime has announced the “re-production.” The compilation film is under the postponed. The cause of this delay is due to the spread of worldwide pandemic. Revue Starlight: Rondo Rondo Rondo is a complication film. This anime is based on the 12-episode on TV anime series.

The film was going to be on the air on May 29, 2020.  It was going to release in 23 theatres in Japan. Due to the postpone of selling of the advance tickets are temporarily suspended. The theme song of the film is CD “Saisei Sanbikyoku (Revival Hymnal),” It was going to release on June 10, but the schedule is also postponed!  When will the movie released will be announced later. All the fans are waiting awarely for the release date. I hope it will be on the air soon.  On this page, we will discuss the possible release date, synopsis, and the details.

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Revue Starlight: Synopsis: What You Know About It?

Sentai Filmworks has licensed the franchise’s earlier television anime. Like this, they are giving the synopsis, and it is informed.

Girls on the 99th class are gearing up to perform their very own. It is the re-edition in the Seisho Music Academy’s Festival. ‘Starlight’ is a tragic tale of two goddesses drawn together. They are together by the glow of the heavens, But in the real, they are pulled apart. Thus, they never meet again. This girls’ only school works to improve the singing, acting, and dancing skills. It is only a talent for its students to foster the next generation.

Karen Aijou is a 16-year-old easygoing girl. She is one of the passionate students who dreamed of performing on stage. Since her childhood friend Hikari Kagura transfers to Seisho Academy, Karen also wants to the same. Thus the love for theatre strengthens further. With the help of her old friend, Karen discovers the secret elevator. This title will entitle the right to play one of the lead roles in “Starlight.” Thus, once again, Karen enters these mysterious battles to achieve her dreams. For details, keep patience and have the updates.

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