Rent A Girlfriend Spoilers: Truth Of Kazuya Revealed Infront Of Shun!

Rent A Girlfriend will end the first season soon, let us see rent a girlfriend spoilers. We saw Ruka fighting for Kazuya. When Ruka asked Kazuya for a date, he denied. Later, after talking with Chizuru, he felt that he like Chizuru, but she does not have the same feeling. Chizuru told Kazuya to help him find the love of his life. But, deep down, Kazuya has started loving Chizuru. What will happen, no one knows.

Moreover, nobody knew that Mizuhara is Kazuya’s rental girlfriend. They are not in a real relationship. While all this is happening, one person is broken.

Who got the most affected by all this? Let us know in this article ahead. We are on the verge of the completion of the ongoing season. Only last episode is remaining to air. Therefore, fans are eager to know what will happen eventually.

If you have not seen the episodes yet read rent aa girlfriend spoilers.

Rent A Girlfriend
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​Rent A Girlfriend SPOILERS!!!

When Kuri and his new rental girlfriend went on a date, Kuri asked Kazuya to join. Kazuya and Mizuhara also went with Kuri and Ruka. They were on a double date. During the conversion, Ruka was questioning the relationship of Kazuya and Chizuru. She desperately want to prove that Chizuru is Kazuya’s rental girlfriend.

But, during the date they did not reveal anything. Afterwards, on the other day, Kazuya was waiting for Kuri. Meanwhile, Ruka suddenly came. She started conversing with Kazuya. Kazuya did not want to talk to her. But, she did not go from there. Suddenly. Kazuya saw Kuri coming. He got worried that if he saw him and his girlfriend talk, it would not end well.

Hastily, Ruka and Kazuya hides into the classroom. Unfortunately, Kuri saw them sneaking away, and Kazuya was not able to explain it to Kuri. After the incident, Kazuya went to meet Mizuhara. She listened to everything patiently. Meanwhile, Ruka went to break up with Kuri! In a  minute she broke up with him. She did not care about anything.

Then she went to Kazuya. Ruka asked Kazuya if he would like to go on a date! Kazuya denied as considering his friendship with Kuri and his feelings for Chizuru.

Kuri is hurt. He is depressed and locked himself into a room. How will he cope up with the situation?

Rent A Girlfriend
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If you have not seen the previous episodes, stream them now on Crunchyroll and VRV.

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