Rent A Girlfriend Episode 9: What Is There Between Chizuru And Umi?

Previous episodes of the anime Rent a girlfriend had took some twisted turns. Surprisingly, Ruka have feelings for Kazuya. Therefore, she broke up with Kuri. She asked Kazuya for a date. Kazuya denied instantly. However, Chizuru supported him. She told him that he could go. Also, Chizuru promised Kazuya that she would help him find Love of his life. What their destinies have decided for them will soon be revealed. Now, how will story turn? What would Kazuya do? It is getting interesting. Let us see what happened in the previous episode. Also, find out the release date of Rent A GirlFriend Episode 9.

Release date of Rent A Girlfriend Episode 9

The previous episode of Rent A Girlfriend released on August 29, 2020. The airing time is 1:25 AM (Japan Standard Time). Note that the release timing is different according to your region. Every week on Sunday the newest episodes of the anime series releases.

The upcoming Rent A GirlFriend Episode 9 will release on September 5, 2020.

Rent A Girlfriend Episode 9
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Previously on episode 8

Ruka asked Kazuya for a date. Chizuru encouraged him to decide without thinking of her. Since that day, Mizuhara and Kazuya did not talked. Because of that, Kazuya got worried. He felt that everyone would soon know about his fake relationship with Chizuru. Chizuru is her rented girlfriend, and no one knew the same.

Kazuya got emotional. He shed tears thinking, in life only important thing is Love. Kazuya like Chizuru. However, Mizuhara do not want him that way. So, Kazuya believes that he is just client for Chizuru. Kazuya has no goal left in his life. Another day Kazuya bumps into Ruka. However, he managed to dodge Ruka.

Meanwhile, Kazuya saw Chizuru kissing another boy! He bumped into them. A boy was Umi and asked what was going on. They replied that Chizuru is an actress. They were not in a relationship. Oooooo, harsh!

Wait for more until net episode arrives. As the season will end soon, the episodes are getting more and more enjoyable.

Where to watch??

The episodes of Rent A Girlfriend anime series are available on the following websites:

  • Crunchyroll
  • Anime Planet

However, recent episodes are only available on Crunchyroll. I can not wait to see what happens next. Are you excited too? It would be fun.


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