Rent A Girlfriend Episode 8: Chizuru and Kazuya Will Continue The Relationship!

The entry if a new character has created hell for Chizuru and Kazuya. Ruka doubts both of them. She thinks that Chizuru is a rental girlfriend of Kazuya. However, Kazuya changes the topic whenever it comes up. But, Ruka always keeps asking for proof. Because of that, Kazuya gets irritated and wants to leave. Ruka pressurize to kiss Chizuru if she is her girlfriend. Does that mean that Ruka likes Kazuya!? What happens next? How will Chizuru and Kazuya come out of the trap of Ruka? We will know more soon. Let us have a look at the release date of Rent A Girlfriend Episode 8. Furthermore, the recap of the previous episode 7.

Release date of Rent A Girlfriend Episode 8

The last episode of Rent A Girlfriend aired on August 22, 2020. The newest events of the anime series release on Sunday or Saturday every week. Moreover, the time of airing the episodes differs according to the region. Standard airing time of the episode is 1:25 AM (Japan Standard Time).

The upcoming Rent A Girlfriend Episode 8 will air on August 29, 2020.

Rent A Girlfriend Episode 8
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Recap of episode 7

Ruka is trying very hard to prove that Chizuru is a rental girlfriend. However, she does not have any proof. Night after a double date, she tries to search for Chizuru. Meanwhile, she finds out that Chizuru is a rental girlfriend. The next day in the morning, Kazuya texted Kuri. He wanted to talk about his girlfriend, Ruka.

Kazuya waits for Kuri on the school gate. Meanwhile, Ruka shows up. She starts talking with him. Moreover, Kuri is on his way. Kazuya spots him. Therefore, Kazuya and Ruka hides in the classroom. Kuri saw them and went behind them. He found both hiding at the school. He asked about what was happening. In a meanwhile, Ruka suddenly told Kuri that she is breaking up with him. So, Kuri, full of shame, ran away. Kazuya went behind him. Yet, he was not able to find him.

While Kazuya was telling Chizuru about the incident, Ruka shows up. Ruka asks Kazuya to go on a date with her! What the hell, man.. However, Kazuya denied. He told her that he could not hurt his friends feelings. AWW, thank god!

Moreover, Kazuya tells her that she likes Chizuru very much. But, still, Ruka cries about how she loves him. Blah, Blah, Blah… In a meanwhile, Chizuru motivates Kazuya to go on a date. She promises him that she will help him find his true love.

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