Rent A Girlfriend Episode 6: Will Kazuya Bond With Chizuru?

There are various kinds of reviews for Rent a girlfriend anime series. Some of the viewers liked it, and some did not. Rent a girlfriend can be considered as one of the series that can be watched when you do not want to use your mind. The series started airing from July 2020. Then after the episodes of the series are airing regularly. The set consists of a total of twelve episodes. We have reached the halfway. Let us have a look at the release date of the upcoming Rent A Girlfriend Episode 6. Moreover, the article contains a recap of the previous episode five.

When will Rent A Girlfriend Episode 6 release

The latest episode of the anime series aired on August 8, 2020. Note that the latest episodes of the Rent A Girlfriend anime airs every Saturday. The release time of the episodes is 1:25 AM (Japan Standard Time).

Moreover, the new episode of the anime will come out next week. The Rent A Girlfriend Episode 6 will release on August 15, 2020. Don’t forget that the airing timings are different according to your region. Also, some platforms on which you can watch the anime are mentioned ahead in the article.

Have a look at the preview video of Episode 6:


Where to watch the anime online?

You can surf on many websites to watch the episodes. However, the official platform which we recommend you are as given below:

  • Crunchyroll

Moreover, if you are residing in Japan, you may watch the series on various TV channels. Note that on Crunchyroll, the episodes are available in Japanese audio along with English subs.

Recap of Episode five

In the last episode, Mizuharaa fell into the water form the boat. And then to help Mizuhara, Kazuya jumped into the water. He though of Mizuhara as his rental GF. However, this incident brought them closer. Look how!

Kazuya saved Mizuhara. They both were lying down at the coast. Kazuya was worried as he did not want to fall for her rental girlfriend. Moreover, when  Mizuhara woke up, Kazuya was still lying like a dead body. Then after Mizuhara tries to wake him up. Mizuhara pumps Kazuya’s chest. She gave him a mouth to mouth treatment. Then Kazuya came to consciousness. Moreover, Mizuhara was also worried about not getting sentimental about Kazuya.


In a meanwhile, a group of people came by for rescue. When Kazuya woke up, he asked Mizuhara whether she kissed him or not? Mizuhara, with shyness, apologized to him for that kiss.

That is all for now. Don’t forget to stream the episode on August 13, 2020, on Crunchyroll.

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