Rent A Girlfriend Episode 12: The One After A Date!

Again the friends have gone on a double date. However, this time Kazuya and Ruka as a couple and Kuri and Mizuhara are there. The pairs interchanged. After Ruka left Kuri heartbroken, he was avoiding everyone. Also, he locked himself into the room. But, when Kazuya knew about this, he went to Kuri. They sorted out the matter. Moreover, Kazuya set Chizuru and Kuri on a date. Isn’t this interesting! First this and then that. The anime series brings us twists. So, it never lacks the entertainment part. Let us know the release date oof Rent A Girlfriend Episode 12. Moreover, understand what happened in the previous episode.

Release date of Rent A Girlfriend Episode 12

The previous episode of the anime aired on September 19, 2020. I.e. Yesterday. Go and watch it now. The newest episodes of the anime airs every week on Saturday. Also, the airing time is 1:25 AM as per Japan Standard Time.

The upcoming Rent A Girlfriend Episode 12 will release on September 26, 2020. To stream the episode go to Crunchyroll and VRV.

Rent A Girlfriend Episode 12
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Recap of episode 11

New girl came in Kazuya’s life! While at the station, Kazuya found a girl hiding. Suddenly, she appeared in front of him. Kazuya got mad that such a sweet girl can go on a date with him.

The name of the girl was Sumi. Sumi had a lovely voice and cute looks. They went to have a coffee. Meanwhile, Mami spots them. He gets jealous about why Kazuya receives so much attention from girls. Now and then he is with a new girl.

Kazuya complimented Sumi, She replied with hand notations. While, Kazuya was coming back from washroom, he saw Mami sitting on his table with Sumi. When Mami was alone with Kazuya, she told that Kazuya is a ladies man.

He confessed that Sumi was his rental girlfriend. Mami got more frustrated. While, at the school, Chizuru and Kazuya were spending time together. Kazuya told Mizuhara that he is grateful that she led him to Sumi. he liked Sumi. She was shy and adorable. Mami spots them talking in the balcony.

Nexxt day Chizuru had a client. She was waiting for the client to reach. Meanwhile, Mami arrives. Does this means Mami is Mizuhara’s client? Or Mami is here to ask something.

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