Rent A Girlfriend Episode 11: Kuri And Mizuhara On A Date!

We saw that Kazuya and Ruka had gone on a date. However, Kazuya still feels bad for his best friend, Kuri. He thinks that what if he stays a bachelor! Mizuhara supports Kazuya to find the one he loves. Also, no one know that Chizuru and Kazuya are not in a real relationship. However, soon everyone will know. As Kazuya and Ruka are set for a date, Kazuya thinks of an idea to set Kuri. What would be that idea? Read full article to know the plan. Also, they have gone on a double date again. What happens next in the anime? Let us wee when Rent A Girlfriend Episode 11 will release. Also, know what happened in the previous episode.

Release date of Rent A Girlfriend Episode 11

The previous episode of Rent A Girlfriend aired on September 12, 2020. On Saturday every week the newest episodes of the anime airs. Moreover as per Japan Standard Time the airing time is 1:25 AM.

However, note that the time differs as per your region.

The upcoming Rent A Girlfriend Episode 11 will release on September 19, 2020 if you have not watched the latest episode stream it before the next comes up. The episodes of the anime series are available on Crunchyroll and VRV.

Rent A Girlfriend Episode 11
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Previously on episode 10

We saw that, Ruka warned Chizuru to go away from Kazuya. This happened when they were at Kazuya’s home. By hearing this, Chizuru felt a little broken. Does that mean Chizuru started to have feelings for Kazuya? Not necessary. But let us see.

Meanwhile, in the party Ruka introduces herself. She tells everyone that she is Kazuya’s girlfriend. Everyone is enjoying the party. Ruka is excited to spend more time with Kazuya. At the same time, Kazuya meets his other friends. They tell him that Kuri has locked himself in the house. He acts different. Kuri has also posted that. ‘I’ll never love again.’

When Kazuya talk about this to Ruka, she does not care about any of this. However, Kazuya force her to apologize to Kuri.

During the time, Kazuya got his first salary. He want to spend it for Chizuru. But, he gets confused as Ruka is in the picture. Meanwhile, Kuri discovers about Chizuru. He understands that she is a rental girlfriend, just like Ruka. Afterwards, Kazuya plans something. He thinks that how would it be if Mizuhara and Kuri come on a date along with him and Ruka! This would cheer him and everyone.

We are not sure what will happen next! Will Kazuya start liking Ruka or will he still be in love with Chizuru? Watch the episodes for ultimate drama and fun.

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