Release Date Details of ‘Remake Our Life’ Episode 11 Is Here!

‘Remake Our Life’ is yet again back with its new episode on the weekly updates. According to the reports, this episode is said to be the second last. As a result, one more week and then this anime will conclude unless there is any further need to adjust. Let’s take a look at the details.

Details On Episode 11 Of The Anime ‘Remake Our Life’

This anime’s 11th episode is set to be released on the 18th of September, 2021. The episode numbers being 12 shows that this upcoming episode is going to be the second last one. One can have access to watching this anime on Crunchyroll. Every week with proper English subtitles, all the episodes are uploaded here.

Specific ‘Remake Our Live’ details are being discussed around the internet with little to no time left. Such as, we’ll get to see how Kyoya discovers being a married and a family man. He realizes that the memories of the last ten years of his life are lost. Kyoya also recognizes that a huge mistake was made by him. And now that he is a married man and a father to a daughter named Maki, he has to avoid this mistake. We won’t disclose any more than this and hope you will watch it as it is premiered!

Kyouya With His Friends
Kyouya With His Friends
Image: IMDb

Bit More Details On This Anime

‘Remake Our Life’ or better known as Bokutachi no Remake, centers around Kyouya Hashiba. Kyouya is a 28 yrs old who is having a hard time living. He was unemployed after quitting his office job, which forced him to move in with his parents. But he loses an internship at a famous game studio after his desire to work in the videogame industry. Kyouya had regretted attending a traditional college instead of an Art college because of his jealousy of the ‘Platinum Generation’. Even though he did not believe in the phenomenon of second chances, he found himself ten years in the past. Hence, began the story of where Kyouya tries to remake his life accordingly. Along with him, his friends also try and transform their lives into ideal ones!

Let’s all hope they can succeed in what they are doing and, in turn, take us along for a fun-filled ride of their lives! Along with a bit of romance, slice-of-life, comedy, and friendships included.