Redo Of Healer Episode 12 Uncensored: Release Date, Watch English Dub And Countdown Revealed

Redo of Healer Episode 12, titled The Healer Starts A New Journey, is set to release soon. The 12th episode will mark the end of the first season of the controversial dark fantasy anime. The 11th episode just released on the 24th of March, and many fans wonder about the upcoming episode.

Redo of Healer Episode 12 Uncensored Release Date

The season finale of Redo of Healer is being released on the 31st of March Wednesday. New episodes of the series are released every week on Wednesdays at 7:30 am PST which translates to 8 pm IST. The series is available to watch on HIVDIVE or Bilibili.

Where To Watch Redo Of Healer- Censored vs Uncensored

Three versions of the anime are available; First, is a censored broadcast version. Second, is a streaming-exclusive “Redo” version. Third, is a completely uncensored version named “Complete Recovery.” Most channels are streaming the censored version as the uncensored and semi-censored version may be too harsh for viewing by many.

Redo of Healer Episode 12
Redo of Healer Episode 12

Recap of the Previous Episode

In the previous episode, Blade begs Keyarga for mercy, but he does not listen and takes his revenge. He then turns Blade’s sword back into a divine gem. After which, Keyarga ends up running into Hawk-Eye and decides that he needs a divine weapon to protect himself in the fight that was inevitable. Keyarga starts turning the gem he acquired into a weapon. This gem becomes a sacred armour and claims itself as Georgius.

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Meanwhile, Norn suddenly appears at the city square and claims that she will liberate Branica from the demonic presence. Many people protest, and Norn orders the soldiers to kill mercilessly. Karman gets killed in the process, and Noir grieves the death of his friend.

Spoilers for Redo of Healer Episode 12

There are no official spoilers that have been released for Redo of Healer Episode 12. However, there are speculations that Freya will be disguised in her old self while she will try to stop the killings. Keyarga and Hawk-Eye may engage in a fight. Soon, there may be more information released soon.

Here is a small preview of Redo of Healer: