Real Estate Agents Reveal the Value of Classic Anime Homes

Like those high-end New York flats in sitcoms, family houses in antique anime are really wonderful. How fine? 1 journalist made a decision to figure out… however, the outcomes were not he had been anticipating!

Writer Ayato Nishikido composed the piece to get Felton Village, a Japanese site dedicated to information on property, insurance, and healthcare. He provided blueprints for four famous anime houses: the Nobitas out of Doraemon, the Noharas from Crayon Shin-chan, that the Sakuras from Chibi Maruko-chan, along with also the Fugutas and Isonos out of Sazae-san.

Check out a part of this Nobita family to get an example of the detail; the remainder are laid out in full from this article:

Real Estate Agents Reveal the Value of Classic Anime Homes

The programs were handed to Katsunori Fujita, a Yokohama-based property appraiser and award winning relay runner. Taking into consideration location, acreage, as well as also the local marketplace, Fujita evaluated each of the homes to be worth… zero yen.

As it occurs, detached homes more than 20 years old are essentially worthless from the Japanese housing industry. The only means to establish some worth, Fujita explained, is to demolish the homes and evaluate the property minus the expense of taking down the house. He conducted these calculations, so if nothing else, we have a vague notion of just how much the property might be sold for now.

The”winner,” at over 162,000,000 yen, is your Fuguta and Isono home from Sazae-san.

Real Estate Agents Reveal the Value of Classic Anime Homes

Regardless of the post not turning out as planned, we get some interesting info. The various floor plans (that can be conveniently labeled with character pictures for non-Japanese-speakers) are interesting to check at… also it is very cool to know there is a realtor on the market that devotes time to creating these patterns in the first location.


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