Platinum End Will Now Stream On Crunchyroll!

2021 is the year when we’re seeing many new and promising animes enter the big screen, with shows like Tokyo Revengers and Shaman King getting their premiere this year. Therefore, it is not a surprise that one of the most anticipated shows of the year, Platinum End, is also ready to begin its journey this October. However, one of the biggest selling points of the Platinum End is that it will also be marking the comeback of Tsugumi Ohba, the writer who gave us one of the most iconic anime series ever to be made and undoubtedly one of the most popular series ever The Death Note. Therefore, it wouldn’t be too wrong to keep high expectations because Platinum End might just be one of the best shows to come out this year!

The story of Platinum End revolves around a young high schooler Mirai Kakehashi who, after his parents’ untimely death, is forced to live with his abusive aunt and uncle. Therefore, tired of living this way, Mirai decides to commit suicide. However, just when he was about to step off from the building, he is saved by a guardian angel named Nasse.

Nasse not only stops Mirai from taking his own life but also tells him the real truth behind his parents’ death, which turns out to be his uncle and aunts’ fault. Nasse bestows Mirai with divine powers through which he confronts his abusive guardians to seek justice for the death of his family.

Image: Crunchyroll

However, Mirai’s true hell is only just beginning when Nasse reveals her true reason behind saving his life. Nasse reveals that God is about to die in 999 days, and 13 people from all around the world have been chosen to take his place. All the chosen members must now pass through a series of extreme trials to prove their worth, and once chosen cannot back down.

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The trailer of Platinum End is now out, where you can actually get a  glimpse of the true horrors that await our protagonist. Season 1 of Platnium end will contain 24 episodes and will be released in October of 2021.

With big hype comes big names, and therefore it comes as no surprise that none other than Crunchyroll has now taken the licensing rights of the series, both domestic and international. Therefore, make sure to watch all the latest episodes of Platinum End available exclusively 0n Crunchyroll.