Platinum End: New Anime Coming This October!

Platinum End is a Japanese manga series. From November 2015 to January 2021, the manga was serialized in Shueisha‘s Jump Square monthly magazine. A new anime based on the series will be released in October as the manga becomes popular. Fans of anime and manga are ecstatic because they will be able to see the plot through both animation and manga.

When Will Be The Premiere Of Platinum End Anime?

Funimation has announced that Platinum End, a new anime series, will premiere in the fall of 2021. From October 8, 2021, they will be streaming the upcoming anime. The makers recently published a new PV trailer, which has heightened fan excitement. Everyone who is a die-hard fan of the series is eagerly anticipating the release.



In Platinum End, the protagonist, Mirai, has been troubled since the death of his parents. He has grown engulfed in darkness and has become sad, causing him to try suicide on the evening of his middle school graduation. On the other hand, Mirai is saved by Nasse, a pure white girl who describes herself as a guardian angel who wishes to bring him happiness by bestowing supernatural abilities and the chance to become the new God.
He must defeat 12 other “God Candidates” in 999 days to be considered for the position. Mirai is now set against 12 other humans in a battle to choose the next God of the world. Mirai has an angel on his side, but he may have to transform into a devil to survive.

Platinum End: Trailer Out!

Given the series’ hype, it is no wonder that the show is going to be one of the most anticipated animes this year, because the new anime series is from the creators of none other than Death Note. Fans worldwide are anticipating it to be as epic as Death Note. Fans are growing more thrilled as the premiere approaches, thanks to the release of both the trailer and the PV.

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More About Platinum End!

Platinum End will consist of 24 episodes that will air on a continuous loop till March 2022. It will cover the entire manga plot. Signal.MD, best known for its work on FLCL Progressive and Napping Princess, is producing the anime. Meanwhile, Kazuchika Kise, a veteran of massive productions, is directing the anime. So Fans, fasten your seat belts because this is going to be a bumpy ride!