Orient A New Samurai Style Anime Is All Set To Make It’s Debut In 2022

The shounen genre is a category that is often hard to describe. Although, in simple terms, it means “For boys,” the true sense of the meaning behind the word is only realized when we actually watch the genre. Filled with fights, plots, and dangerously sadistic villains, I think fighting is what makes shounen one of the most entertaining things to watch. Not to mention, the skill of the writer, the voice acting, and ofcourse the animation is what gives it a finishing touch making things even more interesting. However, even after soo many years and given that the animes are made in Japan, the home of Samurai, we still haven’t seen quite as many samurai animes made in japan as we would like.

Sure the characters are portrayed here and there with their katanas in Bleach and stuff, but the true essence of Samurai is yet to be properly displayed. Therefore, to rid the world of its thirst for new “Oriental Japanese Content,” Shinobu Ohtaka managed to bring the world of samurai some justice, with just a little bit of a supernatural twist, by writing an exciting samurai based manga called “Orient.”


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The story of Orient takes place in a world belonging to the supernatural beings, where two young kids Musashi and Kojirō, decide to form one of the strongest samurai corps to rid Japan of the tyranny of demons and the ever-powerful Demon King. Living in a world of constant terror from their evil power, the youngsters decide to become strong and skilled at the art of samurai sword fighting to one day be worthy enough to tackle the demon armies.

However, the despair, the sense of hopelessness, and the lack of power leads Kojirō astray, leaving Musashi alone to fulfill their dream of creating a world free of demons and bringing peace back to the lands. However, does Musashi really have what it takes to defeat such fearsome enemies? Or will his dreams shatter right in front of his eyes?

As straightforward as the plot of the series might sound, only the manga readers can tell you the potential and the awesomeness hiding behind the simple story of Orient. I mean, it’s a universal rule that every anime and manga lover already knows – Never Underestimate a demon lord! With its action-packed story and some spine-chilling moments, Orient is all set to debut its anime adaptation next year and announce to the world that sometimes the hidden stories are often diamonds in disguise!