One Piece Reveals its Best ‘To Be Continued’ Teaser Yet

While many years have observed several spins on bringing the show’ now famous end card, the most recent episode of this series provides a fairly cool spin on the old favourite. Much like the remainder of the Wano Country arc in the anime so far, the ending card has turned into a small makeover as Episode 901 of this series debuts a trendy small interaction between Luffy’s Haki and its own lettering.

Although Episode 901 of this series finishes in form of precisely the exact same manner as the former episode with Luffy crying out to its today kidnapped Tama, this newest episode adds a distinctive bit of flair by zooming on Luffy’s eye and immediately strikes his Haki. The cross creation of its own energy subsequently ends up getting the crossover at the”To Be Continued” card. You can view an illustration of it under:

Episode 901 of this show follows up where the previous one stopped as Tama was contested. She is currently in the clutches of a fairly fierce enemy using a sentient lion into his belly, and at some fairly deep trouble since they’ve been clued to her unique power to tame critters with her lips.

She is at the heart of enemy territory, Bakura Town, and becoming to her is no simple job as Luffy and others might need to battle their way through. This can be reflected in this brand new endcard because it is a much more extreme situation. Even though it ends with Luffy crying in precisely the exact same manner as before, now the stakes are much greater as Luffy’s currently being contested by all kinds of fresh enemies.

It’s been gathered into over 80 volumes, also continues to be a commercial and critical success worldwide with lots of the volumes breaking printing documents in Japan. The manga has set a Guinness World Record for the copies printed for the exact same comic book by one author, and is now the bestselling manga series globally with over 430 million copies sold. The show still rated number one in manga revenue in 2018, which amazed fans of important new entrances.