One Piece: Kaido’s Forces Deliver A Blow To This Beloved Samurai

The chaos has erupted through the island of One-piece once more. It appears to be that more of the fan-favourite contenders have received some dangerous wounds as their debilitated selves continue to battle against the onslaught of Big Mom’s and Kaido’s forces.

The most recent chapter of the series deals with another fatal wound to the Akazaya Nine as an update in the chapter sees them continue to run away. Be that as it may, they are soon attacked once more by Kanjuro, and he utilizes his Oden trickery again to overcome the Akazaya Nine. Last time it implied Ashura Doji took a fatal hit, and this time Kanjuro figured out how to deal with O-Kiku.

One Piece Kaido
One Piece Kinemon Kaido header

Chapter 1014 of the series reports on the Akazaya Nine as Kin’emon and O-Kiku effectively advanced toward Momonosuke’s side. Kanjuro soon shows up yet utilizes his Oden Kozuki camouflage to welcome Momonosuke and Shinobu. The two of them had not seen his trickery before, so they were unconscious that this could be anyone yet the long lost Oden. O-Kiku knows better, however.

She is quickly angered and attempts to assault Kanjuro. She cannot take action on schedule, though, as seeing Oden’s face (and hearing his voice) momentarily occupies her by making her recollect her existence with him. Kanjuro accepts this open the door to drive a katana directly through her chest. Kanjuro trusts it’s a reasonable exchange for Kiku’s wound on him prior, yet she’s as of now been injured far worse.

Together with the loss of her arm in the fight against Kaido long before, these wounds are profound enough that her life now remains in a critical state as of the finish of the chapter. Sharing what appear to be her final words to Kin’emon, O-Kiku probably won’t make it out of this battle alive after this assault.

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