One Piece Episode 993: Take A Glimpse At The Date And Other Details!

‘One Piece’ is back again with its new episode 993 on the weekly updates of the anime. For quite some time, the anime has been on the Onigashima arc. This particular arc started after Kinemon and his crew arrived at Onigashima to defeat Kaido and Orochi. Before we go deeper, let’s discuss some more things about it!

Details On ‘One Piece’ Episode 993

With the weekly schedule, the episode is said to be out on 26th September 2021. The episode is titled Explosive?! The Handcuffs That Shackle Yamato’s Freedom’Along with the other episodes, this one will be available online on Crunchyroll, Animelab, and Funimation. In this ‘One Piece’ episode, Yamato reveals Oden’s past to Luffy and says that Orochi and his father were the ones to kill Oden. And she even takes Luffy to have a look at Kozuki Oden’s logbook. Yamato even reveals how Oden had met with Gold Roger and joined forces with White Beard Pirates. Without any further wait, let’s look at what the preview of ‘One Piece’ episode 993 has to say!

Throwback To Episode 992 Of ‘One Piece’

In this episode, Orochi had revealed that the brat they are torturing is Momonosuke. Then he says that the brat is Kozuki Oden’s son, who they thought had died twenty years ago. After getting this news, the beast pirates are even more excited. Orochi promises that he will not show any mercy while torturing Momonosuke and send him to his father as soon as possible. This episode of ‘One Piece’ is titled ‘Desire To Be Oden: Yamato’s Dream.’ This episode had begun with Luffy coughing after firing that Red Hawk. After which, Luffy and Yamato get into a heated conversation, trying to understand Yamato’s side with specific time constraints. Amidst this, Page One and his men also arrive at the scene. They convey the message that Big Sis (Ulti) is angry. And on the other hand, Orochi and his comrades are still on for torturing poor Momonosuke.

A lot of things transpire in this particular space regarding Momonosuke and Oden. Last but not least, this ‘One Piece’ episode concludes with Kaido arriving at the performance floor and add something to the boring brat execution. We even see Yamato take her mask off and open up about how she desires to become an Oden.

With this, everyone is looking forward to what more could ‘One Piece Episode 993′ bring along with how the manga also shapes the road ahead.