One Piece Episode 992 Release Date, Preview and Recap

One Piece is one of the most successful TV anime series of all time, and its fantastic storyline has made it incredibly popular with audiences worldwide. The series is based on EiichiroOda‘s Japanese manga of the same name. One Piece has consistently been in the top five animated shows on television in terms of viewership. In Japan, the One Piece anime received 1.9 million demand expressions on international online video platforms. One Piece has aired a total of 991 episodes, and episode 992 is set to air soon.

When Is The Release Date Of Episode 992 Of One Piece?

One piece is probably one of the longest surviving and loved anime series around the world. Maybe because of the excitement it drives through fans before releasing a new episode. In October 1999, Fuji TV aired the debut episode of One Piece in Japan. So, like other episodes, one piece episode 992 will also be releasing early on Sunday. The episode will be aired on 19 September 2021, at 9:30 AM.

What Happened In Episode 991?


In the previous episode of one piece, Big Mom was heard sparing those two and confronting Nami and Shinobu. Ussop and Chopper were grateful to be alive since she came very close to taking their souls with that Life or Death. Nami and her crew were terrified when they learned Big Mom was near the passage. Big Mom imparted life to the objects in her path and formed a new army. She commanded the new army to follow her. Zeus asked Nami what they needed to do now that Mama had caught him and was about to kill him. Shinobu advises them to outrun Big Mom and search for Momonosuke. There’s no need to rush, Big Mom says, as the Performance Floor is just ahead.

When Robin and Jinbe arrive at the Performance Floor, they run across the punk who attempted to marry Robin. Ron punishes the punk with her hand technique. Queen announces that Shogun Orochi presents an impromptu special event starting now. Momonsuke was chained, which surprised the two. Orochi announced Momonsuke’s execution. Orochi remark that the brat is Kozuki Oden’s kid, who was assumed to be dead 20 years ago, and that the brat is being sent to see his father. Kaido can’t believe Orochi is sabotaging his banquet by acting foolishly.

 At The End Of The Episode!

Zoro fought the Gifters, who believed he was outmanned and would perish shortly. The Gifters are startled when Zoro slashes 400 men with a single slash, and they know he is a tough Swordman. He also predicted that his commander would become the Pirate King. Ulti wakes up and sees Yamato has made a mistake. Ulti decided to follow Luffy. Luffy refuses to listen to Yamato and lands a Gum-Gum: Red Hawk, which Yamato recognises as a Gum-Gum: Ace from their previous encounter. Yamato uses her knob to keep Red Hawk at bay.

Preview Of One Piece Episode 992!

Last of all, here’s the preview of episode 992.