One Piece Episode 1014 Delayed? Wano Arc Updates

Talking about the best anime series, the first one that crosses our mind is One Piece because it is one of the longest-running anime series. Ever since One Piece has started airing it has never disappointed anyone rather has always turned out to get more and more adventurous and interesting with every coming episode. Recently, this anime series has marked 1000 episodes. The series now has reached a point where we get to see that a new arc is getting started which the viewers are also looking forward to. It is creating more and more anxiousness in people’s minds as the release of Wano Arc is getting delayed.

The anime series One Piece is all set to release its 1014th episode which would play a pivotal role in knowing the upcoming developments. The entire Wano Arc, the next arc of the series, is also crucial for the protagonist. The latest updates about the series are depressing and have left a murky impact on the fandom of the series. Let’s go further to find out whether the episode is delayed or not.

About the anime series

One Piece is a Japanese anime and manga series by Eiichiro Oda. It is loved by the audience and is one of the most interesting anime series to date.

Produced by Toei Animation, it portrays adventure and fantasy concepts. The series is so popular that many games, live actions, and anime films have been released based on its plot. Talking about the latest release of episode 1013 of the anime series it was jaw-dropping and has left the viewers in palpitation for episode 1014. The series tells us about an adventurous story of a boy named Monkey D. Luffy who acquires the properties of rubber after he unknowingly eats the Devil Fruit and now, he is in search of the legendary treasure along with his fellow pirate mates called “One Piece”.

Is One Piece anime facing interruptions?

The anime series’ announcement regarding the release of the upcoming episode was shattering for the fandom. They also added in their announcement that since Sunday, 6th March 2022 the internal network of the studio has been reporting an interference of a third party. Due to this, the internal systems have been suspended and the production has stopped its work. This has disturbed the schedule and has also affected the broadcast of the upcoming episodes. The production of the series has apologized for the delay and also said that further updates will be given on the next broadcast scheduled which is Sunday, March 20, 2022.

It is not clear when the series is going to be resumed. The only thing that they mentioned is that everything will be sorted out soonest possible and the series will be aired back with the continued adventures of Luffy and Straw Hat Pirates. The creators have also promised to post updates on this on the official website of One Piece.

One Piece 1014th episode on delay?

The anime series One Piece has witnessed a lot of developments in it and has already driven us into lots of plot

twists. Currently, the series is airing its Season 20 and has released its 1013th episode. In this season the main story arc is called “Wano Country” and it’s adapted from the source’s material from the 90th volume onwards. Its latest episode was released on 6th March 2022 and was titled “Yamato’s Past! The Man who Came for an Emperor of the Sea!”. It ended as well as any other episode and gave us a preview into episode 1014.

However, now as we know how things have turned due to some interruptions in production, the One Piece Episode 1014 is indeed delayed. For the release date of the upcoming episode, we can’t comment on anything until we get some official news from the creators.

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