One Piece: Biggest War Coming Up! Spoiler Alert!

One Piece is quite popular for its wars. Since the airing, of the first episode, it has been putting us in familiarity with such clashes. But since the new update, it has gone up to another level. After a few months since hinting, The War for Wano started in earnest, and fans are in confusion if this battle will come out as one of the most important wars of One Piece.

It is well known to us that the War for Wano is brewing for years. It started One Piece fans met Kin’emon for the first time and heard his story. The man became a part of the Straw Hats after telling them that he belonged to Wano which is a notoriously secretive island nation that gave birth to the samurai. Kin’emon took his friend’s help in taking the nation as its rightful shogun with the help of a man named Orochi and Kaido.

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After waiting for a long time, the Wano arc kicked off a long time ago when the Straw Hats made it to the nation. They saw the damage Orochi and Kaido did to the country’s people. It is no surprise Luffy was game to fight from the very start, but all our patience has come to ahead. The most recent chapter of One Piece dropped the War Bomb, and Kaido agreed to kick off the next war.

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“Every last drunk on Onigashima, listen up! The party’s over! Grab your weapons,” Yonko says this at the end of chapter 987. “I heard that, Straw Hat!! Do it, I accept your challenge! I’ll show you the greatest army in the world!! I think I’ve sobered up. I came here to whoop the whole lot of you!!! It’s all-out war!”

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