Nijigasaki High Of Love Live! Confirms New Characters in Season 2

Everyone wants to live in or be a part of the anime world because the fictional world brings us the comfort that the real world fails to give. As a result, the love for anime is so immense. In the case of the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club of Long Live!, the fans have expressed their want of being a part of it. The reason being anyone would love to be a part of a world where singing or dancing can solve an issue existing. The show is known for its cute aesthetic take of the world, yet managing to touch-sensitive topics of the world. Therefore making people want to be a part of that world even more.

Details On The Second Season Of Nijigasaki High School Idol Club

There are several other projects under the multimedia franchise of Long Live! School Idol Project. Yet, Nijigasaki high School Idol Club is found to be the most relatable and iconic one. Because of the nature of the story, it left the fans needing and wanting more. But, their prayers were answered after a long wait filled with anxiety and anticipation. Nijigasaki High‘s comeback with the second season was announced with a release of a teaser of it. The teaser featured the old plus new characters and some other developments in the story. The second season will premiere in  April 2022, and you can look at the teaser video below and gear up for the new season!

The teaser lives up to its definition and teases us with what the second season will bring. Also, we can see some new faces and the entire visual of how the show will happen. It has the entirety of the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club plus three new members to it. In addition to the existing characters, we see Shioriko Mifune, Mia Taylor, and Zhong Lanzhu tagging along.

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Throwback To Season One Of Nijigaski High 

The second season is said to pick up from where it had left in the first season. The first season ended when the girls had successfully carried out the school idol festival, and we can see Yu prepare for her music exam. Previously Yu had exchanged to the music course that the academy had to offer. While doing so, she got help from her fellow idol club friends in preparing for the exchange exam. While doing these changes, Yu polishes her skill of playing the piano and gets better at it. As a result, many fans are waiting for her to play perfect musical tunes and perform for them.

Season one had instead ended on a cliffhanger where we do not know if Yu passed the music exam or not. With the second season here, we’ll get to see if she did or not, along with all the new challenges that await them!

Cast For Season 2:

Along with the release of the teaser, the franchise even took to announcing the new characters and the cast voicing them out. The rest of the cast and staff production from season one remains the same and will be coming back with another hit show. Let’s have a look at the new cast:-

Shioriko Mifune Moeka Koizumi
Mia Taylor Shu Uchida
Zhong Lanzhu Akina Homoto

With this information, many fans worldwide are excited to see how the makers take the second season down the road. Indeed, they will live up to the fame and name the first season has created and try their best to gain even more fans. School genre anime is the best and has one of the best collections of anime, just like Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. But the most popular ones are the school + plus romance stories.