Netflix Original Anime ‘Yasuke’ Release Date, Cast, Synopsis and Updates

Yasuke, a Netflix original anime, has earned quite the hype even before its release. Based on real-life historical facts and figures, the anime has eyes fixed on itself. Yasuke will be out soon, and weebs can’t wait, also because Mappa makes this show. Mappa has given us some fantastic performances this year, so hopes are up for this new anime.

Yasuke Netflix Release Date

The show will be out on 29 April on Netflix. Yasuke will feature six episodes of around 30minutes each. So, Yasuke’s per episode time is considerable longer-by six minutes! Hopefully, the show will bring a strong storyline as well, which makes it worth the time. The show is made under LeSean Thomas and Takeshi Satou under Mappa’s banner. Hence, fans are looking towards the front with sparkling eyes. Recently, a visual for the show has also been unveiled.

Is There any Trailer Available for Yasuke?

Yes, yes, yes! Netflix revealed the trailer for the show a while ago. The trailer is fantastic and adds to the show’s hype. We can see magic and fantasy, warriors and machines in the trailer with the elements of prophecy. All of these are essential elements for a good story, action anime with a samurai theme. Check out the trailer below to get a glimpse of the anime:

Synopsis Of The Show

The anime is loosely based on a Yasuke, a warrior of African ancestry who served under Japanese daimyo Oda Nobunaga. The anime is set in an alternate reality that is full of magic and machines. Yasuke, after a defeating battle, puts behind his past as a ronin and starts working as a boatsman in a remote village. There he meets a man named Ichiko whose sick daughter Saki who has mysterious powers. After an attack, Ichiko asks him to escort his daughter, and Yasuke must do so while struggling against power and dark magic.

Yasuke Cast

The protagonist of the show ‘Yasuke’

The cast for the show is star-studded. Made under directors who are famous for shows such as Dororo, the voice cast is no less. The protagonist is voiced by Jun Soejima in Japanese. In English, it is voiced by LaKeith Stanfield, who is a six-time academy award winner. Takehiro Hira, Maya Tanida, Rie Tanaka are some more actors casting in the show. The list is long, but the show is worth looking up to in both English and Japanese dub.

Last Thoughts

Yasuke will be available soon. Focusing on a black ronin in Japan, Yasuke has got eyes turning all around the world. What are your thoughts about the show?