My Hero Academia Season 5: Will it Be there?

My Hero Academia is in its fourth season now. The fourth season is coming towards the end. So fans are anticipating whether there will be a fifth season or not. It is clear that a lot of stories are still left in My Hero Academia which is still left to be animated. Furthermore, more new seasons are coming up in the manga too. Hence, it is clear that there will be a fifth season. Reading further you will get more information about the release date. also, there are official spoilers coming. So read further only to know more about the coming story of the fifth season.

The season four of My Hero Academia is ending soon. Hence, the talks of the fifth season have begun already. We still don’t have any official announcement regarding the release date of the fifth season. But looking at the trend of the release of the previous seasons it is predictable that the fifth season will release somewhat around October 2020. Even if the release is delayed due to the COVID 19 virus still it will come out as quickly as possible by March 2021.


My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia: More Information

Following the trend of all the previous seasons, it is predictable that the fifth season will also have 23 episodes in its list. The content of these 23 episodes will be the two arcs of the manga, My Hero Academia. It is not a new thing either as we are witnessing this in all of the previous seasons. As a result, the fifth season will animate the Pro Hero Arc. And this introduction will be quite a grand one.

Other than the official news confirming the fifth season of My Hero Academia, we have received the visuals of the fifth season as well. Many reports suggest that it will continue on “Joint Training Arc.” In this, Students from class 1-A and 1-B will have a head-on competition.

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