My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 24 Release Date, Recap And Preview

It’s been a battle fest between the League of Villains and the Meta liberation army. Boku no hero academia episode 23 reveals Shigaraki’s past and what motivated him to be a villain. The preview for episode 24 is titled ‘Shigaraki Tomura: The origin.’ My Hero Academia is currently focusing on the backstories and origins of Villains. With only 2 episodes left in season 5, let’s see what the show will provide.

What Happened In Episode 23 Of My Hero Academia?

Tomura Shigaraki (Image: Crunchyroll)

Twice and Spinner

The episode starts with the original Twice trying to treat Toga. While his doubles start squabbling over what each of them would do, Twice remains calm and instructs them properly. He is now able to control his headache and also controls his doubles easily. My Hero Academia is entertaining its viewers through the engulfing backstories of its villains. On the other side of the city, Trumpet is inciting the citizens against Spinner. His quirk boosts them both physically and mentally. Spinner is having a hard time facing him. Spinner gets the power of standing against him because he wants to see Shigaraki’s vision of the future.

Tomura Shigaraki

Now, the main plot of episode 23 was Tomura Shigaraki’s past. While facing Re-Destro, he starts remembering where he came from. Re-Destro completely overpowers Shigaraki in the first half of the fight. Tomura sees a hand and starts reminiscing. The story of Shigaraki’s origin starts there. My Hero Academia doesn’t draw any short straw in showing his origin. It starts by delivering us a Tomura who wants to be a hero. He lives with his parents, grandparents, sister, and a dog.

Shigaraki is yet to discover his quirk. He is often punished by his father for wanting to be a Hero. His father despises heroes as his own mother left him to be one. Hana, Shigaraki’s sister tells about their grandma, who was a hero. She had broken into her father’s study room to get a photo of her grandmother. She is obviously the predecessor and mentor of All Might. Their father finds out about this and Hana puts all the blame on Tenko. Their father hits Tenko with a stick and punishes him by making him stay out of the house.

Shigaraki is often seen scratching his face. He stays outside while holding his pet. It is then when his quirk unleashes. His quirk is decay, which decays anything when touched. He accidentally kills his dog and later his whole family. His father was the last person to do away with. He actually enjoyed the moment he killed his father. My Hero Academia shows his transition in a great way. From wanting to be a hero to changing into a villain.

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My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 24

Spoilers Alert:

Episode 24 will be released on September 18th. The title of this episode is ‘Tomura Shigaraki: The origin.’ In the previous story, we saw how Tenko destroys his family and now has nowhere to go. This episode of My Hero Academia will focus on the aftermath. It will show the transition of Tenko to Tomura. Tenko would be undertaken by none other than All for One. All for One would already know about Tenko’s blood lineage and would try to exploit it. We’ll get to see how he starts brainwashing Tenko. He will treat him as his own son, and when the time comes, he will give him the title of his successor. This episode is a must-watch as it’s the penultimate one for this season.

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Tomura Shigaraki in episode 24 preview (Image: Youtube)

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 24 Release Date and Time

My Hero Academia’s season 5 episode 24 will be released on September 11th, i.e., Saturday. The episode will be streamed on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Australia Time – 7 PM ACST
British Time – 10: 30 AM BST
Central Time – 4: 30 AM CDT
Eastern Time – 5: 30 AM EDT
European Time – 11: 30AM CEST
Indian time – 03:00 PM IST
Korea Time – 6: 30 PM KST
Pacific Time – 2: 30 AM PDT
Philippine Time – 5:30 PM PHT