My Hero Academia Season 5 Confirmed!?

There is a bit of good news for My Hero Academia fans. There are tons of fans around the globe of the anime. The ongoing season four of My Hero Academia will end sooner. Not much is know about the next season. However, fans have been eagerly waiting for the official news. Finally, it has arrived. YAY !!! The sources confirmed that My Hero Academia Season 5 would be there.

The news was confirmed after a video was posted on twitter. The post-credit teaser of next season was at the end of season four finale. Moreover, the fans are also eager to watch the final episode of the ongoing season.

The official page of @heroaca-anime tweeted on April 4:

Release date of My Hero Academia Season 5

The fifth season was announced in April this year. However, not much is know about the anime. The predictions are made that the anime season five will launch in 2021.

Moreover, the pandemic affected the schedule of My Hero Academia Season 5. Not to worry, because it will come. But, fans have to wait for it a little longer.

My Hero Academia Season 5
Source: GameSpot


The next season will continue the dream of Deku. The adventures will continue. Fans are predicting that Deku will get access to the energy field. That maybe once and for all.

Moreover, it is expected that season five will continue the training arc. In this arc, Midoriyas class, that is, class 1A combines with class 1B. The merge happens to level up the capabilities of the students.

Also, the predictions are made that My Hero Academia Season 5 will cover the Meta Liberation Army arc. The arc contains the backstory of Tomura Shigaraki. The steps taken by Tomura’s team, The League Of Villians.

Where to watch?

There are many reasons to watch My Hero academia. One might have no idea where to watch the episodes. However, today you may learn everything you need to!

The episodes of My Hero Academia can be streamed on the following platforms:

For now, I have found these many official platforms where you can watch the series. You may have a look at new OVA episodes of My Hero Academia. The episodes have got love from all over the world.

Have a look at the trailer of  Season 5:


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