My Hero Academia releases Invisible Girl’s face

My Hero Academia’s Toru Hogakure has always created a wave of anxiousness in its fans. Ever since the series started, fans always thought about the Invisible Girl’s looks, for many years. After waiting for so long, the fans will now get to witness the face of Invisible Girl as the author of the series has shared the character design of Toru. And now, a new sketch has been released showing the girl in all her glory for once!

My Hero Academia releases Invisible Girl’s face

The girl is wearing thigh-high boots and trousers and she appears to be in a peasant blouse and ragged cardigan. Talking about Hagakure, he is acing the usual gloves look. As we can see, one portion of her face remains concealed by a glove. Hagakure’s face is pretty predictable because of the previous revelations on My Hero Academia of her features.

As we get to know by looking at the sketch that the not-so-Invisible Girl is accompanied by a friend in the sketch above. Kirishima can be seen flaunting his abs in pirate gear here. It is not certain if the two will pair up to match in a battle, but Class 1-A knows how to work as a team no matter what the situation is. So if these two students end up doing missions together in the future, it won’t be a surprise to us!


My Hero Academia is a manga series from the action-superhero genre written by Kohei Horikoshi. The writer posted a sketch for promoting the 34th volume’s release of the anime series. My Hero Academia started its publishing in July 2014 for a magazine called Weekly Shonen Jump. While its writing, the manga created 34 volumes. If you are in touch with the series through manga, then you must know that more than 300 chapters of the manga have been released. The anime adaptation of My Hero Academia is produced by Studio Bones.

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